Apollo Purple Wool Rug

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Sierra Apollo purple rugs use a solid purple colour and feature a raised central rectangular border inside a thicker outer border to add visual stimulation to an otherwise plain colour rug. The subtle but distinctive borders add a 3D look that gives the reassurance that this wool rug boasts a thick floor warming pile. Plum/purple rugs introduce opulence and desire to interior spaces and the wool pile offers better resistance to stray embers from open fires than its manmade counterparts. For a simply styled thick wool floor rug in a range of small to large sizes Sierra Apollo will charm any space and retain its gorgeous looks for many, many years.
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  • Rug Size
  • 60 x 100cm [2'x3'3"]
    5+ in stock
  • 75 x 150cm [2'5"x4'11"]
    5+ in stock
  • 110 x 160cm [3'7"x5'3"]
    5+ in stock
  • 150 x 210cm [4'11"x6'11"]
    5+ in stock
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  • £39.95
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  • £194.95
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Material Wool
construction technique hand carved