Wool rugs are an excellent way to bring real luxury into a room, and they retain their quality appearance for years on end. However, like with any new rug, there are some rules that you must abide by when cleaning your rug. This will ensure longevity and that the textures bounce back without flattening the original pile.

Simple maintenance for wool rugs

In easiest way to keep your wool rug looking pristine is through cleaning them regularly. Letting dirt build up and get ingrained into the rug can result in the fibres getting cut by sharp grit-like particles. The best plan is to hoover it several times a week, the amount depends on the extent of foot traffic using it. Wool rug tend to lose their bounce when the beater bars on your hoover repeatedly pushes the weave down. If you can’t turn this function off, then we would suggest that you use the hoover hose and a separate head, it may seem a bit of a hassle but it does actually make a difference to its appearance. If you happen to spill something on your wool rug, mop it up urgently, and scrape up any residue. Never soak your wool rug as this could ruin it, use gentle cleaning techniques such as steaming to aid the stain removal.


Spring cleaning tasks

Every so often, a wool rug could benefit from a good shaking and patting outdoors. Only do this if your rug is light enough to handle moving, but it is definitely worthwhile. This process will dislodge all the dust and grit that builds up amongst the rugs’ pile and will rid your rug of any hidden pests that the hoover could of missed. Giving your rug a decent shake and pat will instantly freshen it up in the open air, and can also help to reduce smells too. You can leave it outside for a while to ‘air-out’ - it works wonders!

Cosy for the toes

Wool rugs are very luxurious and a definite must have especially in the bedroom If you frequently work at a desk, having a wool rug underfoot is a real pleasure. Having a wool rug in front of your sofa or favourite arm chair will keep you warm and snug all year round. Wool rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we are sure that you will be able to find one to suit your needs here at Land of Rugs.