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Mid-Century Modern Interior Design - The Ultimate Style Guide

Increasing in popularity over recent years, mid-century modern interior design is a simple, functional and stylish look that would suit a wide variety of homes. If you’re considering updating your home, read on to discover our mid-century modern interior design style guide…

What is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

While a few key elements might spring to mind when you think of mid-century modern design, what exactly is this style about, and where did it begin? Put simply, this is an evolution of the post-world war II style, and originated in the middle of the 20th century.

The style came about in response to the lifestyle that people desired at the time. Influenced by mass production and new technologies that emerged in the first half of the 20th century, as well as coming out the otherside of the war, people looked forward to a more optimistic future, and the simplicity that they craved in life was reflected in their homes.

Previous interior design styles had been more ornate and extravagant, but mid-century modern was all about functional and simplistic design, in favour of a more modern and organic lifestyle. In some ways, it was a rebellion against fussier, frillier design.

What are the Important Interior Design Factors of Mid-Century Modernism?

As with most interior styles, there are some key elements of the mid-century modern style.

Teak furniture is probably the most iconic element of this trend. It was favoured because of its warm colour and durability, and popular teak pieces included dining chairs, arm chairs, coffee and dining tables, and sideboards. Other popular materials included glass, metal and vinyl, all of which were used together to create a unique finish. The shape of furniture was key too - typically mid century furniture included clean lines and smooth edges, with curved edges being particularly popular.

Colour was also used differently than before with this trend, with bold accent shades being introduced, or colour being used to make pieces of furniture and other decor stand out. Think pops of colour combined with neutral tones of black, white and wood. Popular colours include rusty-oranges, muddy browns, yellows, earthy greens and shades of teal and aquamarine.

Mid-century modern architecture started to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, and interiors followed with the use of indoor plants and window dressings that would draw the eye to the space beyond, rather than detract from it.

The look over all is fairly simple, and focuses on clean lines and functionality, with minimal clutter.

Styling Your Home Using Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

The mid-century modern trend is relatively simple - there are just a few key elements that will ensure you create an authentic and beautiful mid-century inspired home…

Image Credit: Earl Wilcox (Unsplash)

Teak furniture is a must for a mid-century modern inspired home. There are lots of authentic pieces that you can pick up - remember to look for designs from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, ideally in teak, but rosewood was also popular at this time. Mid-century furniture is made from wood and warm in tone, has clean lines often with curved edges, and tables and sideboards were typically on smooth and rounded peg legs. Get extra style points for pieces of furniture that combine natural and man-made materials, such as a glass topped coffee table with wooden legs.

  • Posted On: 29 July 2022

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