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  1. Vista 22236 Beige Rug
    from only £39.00
  2. Karma Grey Brown Rug
    from only £169.00
  3. Cascade Rug Mink Colour
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £69.00
    Cascade Rug Taupe Colour
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £69.00
  5. Ives Chocolate Rugs
    from only £59.00
  6. Sloan Rug Brown
    from only £25.00
  7. Sloan Rug Taupe
    from only £25.00
  8. Blade Mocha Rugs
    from only £25.00
  9. Blade Chocolate Rugs
    from only £25.00
    Mocha Colour Aran Rug
    from only £25.00
  11. Monte Carlo Rugs Mink
    from only £29.99
  12. Brighton Rug Barley Blue
    Special Price £34.99 Regular Price £49.00
  13. Reko Rug Moleskin
    from only £109.99
  14. Spiral Rug Shaggy Caramel
    Spiral Rug Shaggy Caramel
    Special Price £119.00 Regular Price £135.00
  15. Caramel Glitzy Rug
    Caramel Glitzy Rug
    Special Price £59.95 Regular Price £64.00
  16. Twilight Earth Shaggy Rug
    Special Price £39.80 Regular Price £49.39
  17. Noble House NH5858 Beige Brown Rug
    Special Price £99.99 Regular Price £129.99
  18. Cascade Rug Mink Colour 65x135cm
    Was £69.00 Only £49.99
  19. Amore Marble Shaggy Rug
    Amore Marble Shaggy Rug
    from only £109.00
  20. Twilight Mink
    from only £49.39
  21. Dakota Rug Chocolate
    Dakota Rug Chocolate
    Special Price £24.99 Regular Price £29.00
  22. Jute Loop Rug Brown
    from only £169.00

Items 1-60 of 277

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Shop our full collection of brown rugs at Land of Rugs today. An extremely versatile colour that evokes the great outdoors, brown looks particularly handsome alongside the beige and magnolia walls and carpets that are so common today. 
Try a shaggy dark brown area rug over a light wooden floor to add warmth, comfort, and complementary style. Choose a patterned rug with brown as its base tone to introduce several colours to a room’s theme — this works particularly well with oranges and creams.
Buy one of our brown rugs today and take advantage of our free delivery to the mainland UK. Our terracotta and cream rug collections might also have rugs which match your theme.