Beige Rugs - Mink, Taupe, Sand & More

Browse our complete range of beige area rugs at Land of Rugs. A clean and neutral hue, beige is incredibly versatile and works great as a foundation colour over which you can build up a palette.
A shaggy beige rug can bring warmth and contrast to stone, tile, and wooden flooring — this is a particularly handsome look paired with matching beige walls. A patterned rug with beige as its base tone can look fantastic in a lounge or bedroom, especially in a floral or traditional design.
See our full collection of beige rugs below. You can also browse our selection of brown and cream rugs for more neutral tones that can bring your rooms together. Still not sure what you’re looking for? Have a look at our rug guide for our advice on materials and sizing.

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  1. Aran Rug Sand Colour
    from only £279.00
  2. Whisper Wheat Rug
    from only £39.00
  3. Fresco Nude Rug
    from only £159.00
  4. Mehari Rug 23109 6278
    from only £146.09
  5. Blox Rug Copper
    from only £129.00
  6. Whisper Champagne Rug
    from only £39.00
  7. Amira Rug AM001
    from only £389.00
  8. Drift Rug DR02 Putty
    from only £89.00
  9. Oska Rugs Sand Colour
    from only £219.00
  10. Silky Beige Shaggy Rug
    from only £67.50
  11. Straw Jute Soumak Rug
    from only £89.00
  12. Linley Rugs Beige Colour
    from only £269.00
  13. Jasmine 80W Abstract Rug
    Jasmine 80W Abstract Rug
    from only £134.99

Items 1-40 of 356

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