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23 Interior Updates for Autumn/Winter

With the new season comes new interior trends, and of course the colder weather and darker evenings. Our surroundings greatly impact how we feel. In the summer, bright and airy interiors are ideal, whereas in the winter we have a natural instinct to feel safe, warm and cosy, almost like hibernating.

It is possible to update your home for the new season, without having to change entire schemes to suit the change in temperature. The addition of luxe and tactile materials, rich and warming colours and low level lighting will create a safe haven for the season ahead. Read on to discover 23 interior updates for Autumn/Winter 2020….

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1. Swap Linens for Velvet

Nothing feels more luxurious in the winter than beautiful soft and tactile velvet. Linens are great for the summer, but can make a space feel somewhat sparse and unwelcoming in the winter. If you want to embrace this look fully, try floor length velvet curtains in a rich shade, such as deep green, rust red or a beautiful navy blue. Hang from a brass curtain pole to up the luxe factor and ensure the curtains meet the floor or sit just 1cm above floor level for a neat finish. If lots of velvet isn’t for you, try introducing a few velvet cushions to your sofa or bed.

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2. Introduce a Standing Floor Lamp

Lighting plays a huge role in how we feel at home. Bright light might make us feel alert, whereas low light with a warmth to it makes us feel cosy and relaxed. In the winter low level lighting is a must. From around 4pm in the winter months, our houses are plunged into darkness, which calls for several variations of low level lighting to help us achieve the perfect light level for whatever task we are carrying out or to suit our mood. Try introducing a floor standing lamp to your living space, as well as your hallway too. There are lots of stylish options available, from soft brass and warming copper, to Boho style rattan and wicker options and industrial black.

3. Add a Luxe Feel with Brass

Brass is taking over from copper this season and is the new metal in interiors. Brass feels a little more luxe than copper, but still offers the same warmth, as opposed to silver, chrome or steel which has a cool feel to it. To introduce brass to your kitchen, try updating kitchen handles with brass alternatives, such as t-bars. In your living room, add a brass framed mirror above your mantlepiece and introduce brass candlesticks. Other easy updates could also include introducing brass plant pots, photo frames and coat hooks. Pairing brass accessories with an orange rug, is a winning combination.

4. Cosy Up Flooring with a Deep Pile Rug

Nothing feels better in the winter than a super thick and cosy rug underfoot. Shaggy rugs are a great way to add warmth to your home during the autumn and winter months, and go a long way towards pulling a scheme together and adding those all important finishing touches. Embrace this year’s global influences trend with a beautiful patterned Moroccan Beni Ourain style rug, originating from the Atlas Mountains. Or go for something more classic and add depth and warmth to the room with a White Ultra Thick Plush Shaggy Rug.

Shop this Rug – Morocco Rug 3742 Grey Cream

5. Swap Cushions to Include Rich Jewel Shades

Swapping out your summer cushions for autumn/winter friendly alternatives is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of updating your home for the new season. Cushions are a great way to add new colours, textures and prints to create a cosy feel to your living room or bedroom. For Autumn/Winter 2020, try a colour palette of rich and jewel tones, such as deep teal, berry shades and rich purples. Experiment with texture too - try velvet, or go for a bohemian style with ethnic prints that incorporate jewel tones.

6. Add a Warming Scent

Scent plays a big role in our home and can alter how we feel when we step through the door after a long day. Introduce a new scent to your home for the new season - try candles and diffusers in warming cinnamon and spiced fragrances. Place a diffuser in your entrance hall so that you feel the effect as soon as you arrive home. Continue this scent in your living room and bedroom too - key spaces where you relax and unwind.

7. Hang an Autumnal Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. A beautiful autumnal wreath is the perfect way to welcome the new season, and can be hung on your door or inside your home too. Not only will an autumnal wreath instantly add warmth as well as bringing the outside in, but it will also add a beautiful scent to your home. All you need is a wire ring to build your wreath around. You can collect things to decorate your wreath with when out strolling in the countryside, such as pine cones, fallen leaves, holly and berries.

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8. Soften Hallways with a Runner Rug

If you currently have floorboards in your hallway, try adding a runner rug to add a softness to both the look and feel. Hallways are often overlooked, but we spend more time in them than we realise. Moving through the house on cold hard boards can be uncomfortable in the winter, so add a runner to add style and comfort. The warm tones and traditional style of the Lagos Rug is ideal for more traditional homes, or try the Rustic Textures Rug Beige Grey RUS02 for a more contemporary style in a warm and neutral tones.

9. Stick to Neutrals, but Add Interest with Texture

Autumn/winter style doesn’t have to be about dark and rich colours and detailed patterns. If neutrals are more your thing, add a cosy edge and interest with texture. White interiors work well with beige tones to add warmth. When it comes to dressing your living room, try a large jute rug, beige cushions in velvet, oversized white linen cushions, a chunky knit throw in grey and a beautiful fluffy rug.

10. Dress an Armchair with a Sheepskin (Or Faux Sheepskin)

Smarten up a tired armchair and get it winter ready by adding a beautiful sheepskin rug. Sheepskins don’t have to be placed primarily on the floor, instead they can be used to dress sofas and beds too. Introducing a sheepskin is an easy fix to update an armchair and is a cost-effective way to add a cosy feel to your room. Simply place over the armchair and tuck down the sides a little to keep in place. Add a simple cushion for extra style and comfort - try a warm tone such as rust, perfect for this season.

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11. Add a Knitted Pouffe to your Living Space

Feeling cosy and calm is also about being relaxed, so why not introduce a pouffe so that you can put your feet up in the evening? A knitted pouffe will add an extra cosy feel as well as introducing texture to your scheme. Pouffes come in all kinds of colours and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one to fit your space. They can also double up as extra seating for when guests arrive, as well as table space to pop your coffee and magazine.

12. Go a Shade Darker

Darker colours are a hot design trend for Autumn/Winter 2020. If you’re feeling bold and like you want to create a stronger impact, consider painting a feature wall in a dark shade to up the cosy factor in your home. Where possible, opt for a warm shade as cool shades will have the opposite desired effect. This doesn’t mean painting a wall in ruby red or a burnt orange - pretty much all colours come in cool, warm and neutral shades. For example, a warm grey would have brown or purple undertones and will create a cosy feel. Try painting the wall behind your sofa, behind your bed, or a chimney breast in a dark shade.


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13. Introduce Shearling Cushions to Dress your Bed

Nothing feels cosier in the winter than sheepskin or faux fur. If you prefer a neutral colour palette, a great way to add texture and a cosy vibe is with shearling cushions. Try dressing your bed with two or three - faux shearling comes in a variety of colours, but white and grey are ideal to create a classic, wintery Nordic scheme. For Autumn/Winter 2020, you can also expect to see a colourful twist on the traditional neutral tones of Scandi home décor. This season Scandi design is embracing primary colours alongside its usual laid-back, minimalist vibes – the perfect option for those looking to make a bold statement.

14. Introduce a Forest Theme

Botanicals in interiors have been big for quite some time now, but this often makes us think of palm prints or Monstera leaves. Palms feel summery and so not necessarily right for the autumn and winter months. This season consider a forest theme instead, looking to fir and pine trees for inspiration. For a bold update, try a fir tree wallpaper, or for a more subtle look introduce large framed prints of forest scenes. Tie the colour scheme together with throws and cushions in forest greens, and a few pieces of furniture in raw wood finishes.

15. Swap White Bedding for Rust Tones

White cotton is lovely for the summer, but doesn’t feel quite the same come the cooler weather. Go for something a bit heavier in the winter, and go for beige, light brown or rust shades. Try a duvet and pillowcase set in a rich rusty tone, and lighten slightly with a waffle throw in beige and cushions in a soft beige-pink. To complete the look hang two prints above the bed with similar colours in light wood frames.

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16. Add a Runner to your Kitchen

Kitchen floors are often not well set up for the winter. Typically laid with durable flooring options such as wood, laminate or tiles, underfoot in the winter the kitchen floor can be quite uncomfortable. Add softness, style and comfort with a runner rug for the autumn/winter months. A runner works particularly well if you have a galley kitchen, or a run of kitchen units with an island, and will soften the high traffic areas.

If you are looking for a rug that will also serve a purpose in your kitchen, you can try a striped rug. The detailed pattern will hide any crumbs that might get dropped, while the rich tones will add an instant warmth and character.

17. Introduce More Table Lamps

Layer up lighting using table lamps throughout your home in the winter. Nobody likes to move through a dark house, and this can make it feel cold and unwelcoming, but often in the evening we don’t want to put our bright pendant or spot lights on either. Try introducing various table lamps throughout your home so that there’s always an option of cosy low level lighting. Table lamps can be placed on sideboards, shelving, side tables, bedside tables and storage drawers/units and will add a touch of warmth and style.

18. Paint a Feature Wall in a 'Spiced' Tone

When we think of autumn and winter colours, we are often drawn towards the foods we enjoy during these periods, such as pumpkin in the autumn and cinnamon in the winter. Create that very same feeling as when you’re sipping a pumpkin spiced latte on a cold winter’s morning at home, with a spiced colour on the walls. Spiced Honey was the Dulux colour of the year for 2018/19, and it’s still going strong. Try painting a feature wall for a subtle update, or consider painting your entire living room or bedroom in this beautiful and comforting shade.

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19. Lay a Thick Rug at your Bedside

Waking up and getting out of bed to get started with your day during the winter is tough. It’s typically still dark when our alarms start going off, and under the duvet feels lovely and cosy compared to the rest of the house. If you have wood floors or a very thin carpet, a thick rug at your bedside will make all the difference to your morning routine. Try shaggy rugs for a warm feel by the side of your bed. With a beautiful deep pile, this rug will offer a positive start to your day, and is also a great way to add a luxurious feel and interest to your interiors without the need for bold or bright colour.

20. Swap White Bulbs for 'Warmer' Options

White bulbs are great for task lights when you need a bright and super clear light for working or preparing food in the kitchen, but white light can be a little harsh and will add a cool element to your home. Come the winter, try swapping white bulbs for softer and warmer alternatives. This doesn’t mean swapping off of your bulbs for a warm light, just replace the bulbs in your lamps so that come the evening when you want to relax, you can switch off bright lights and turn on your softer and warmer lighting instead.

21. Layer Blankets on the End of your Bed

A well dressed bed can completely transform a room and is a great way to add a cosy feel for the colder weather. In the summer a simple light linen bedspread is ideal, but come the winter consider layering multiple throws and blankets to create a cosier feel. To layer your bed, first start with a simpler bedspread but in a textured finish, such as a waffled blanket. Lay this across the full width of your bed and so that it sits about half way up your duvet. Next try a patterned throw in a complementary shade thrown at an angle and covering half or two thirds of the width of the bed. Finish with a sheepskin placed at an angle to one side, and you’ve got the perfect bed for the autumn/winter season.

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22. Zone your Dining Space with a Shaggy Rug

Dining in the winter becomes a whole different ball game. During the winter we eat in far more often, and we make more of an effort to create a comforting and enjoyable experience. Comfort foods are on the menu such as stews and candles are lit on the table, making a cold wood floor under foot quite the contrast. Ensure yourself, your family and your guests are completely comfortable when seated at the dining table, by placing a thick shaggy rug underneath. If a shaggy isn't something you're interested in, large rugs in general are a fantastic option for dining areas.

Rugs are a great way to zone a space, and so ideal if you have an open plan dining space. Dark colours work well in the dining room, which is generally used most in the evening time. Try the Washable Cosy Rugs range under your dining table. With a super thick pile this rug feels lovely under foot.

23. Arrange an Autumnal Flower and Foliage Display

Another great simple update to bring the autumn in is to arrange a beautiful flower display. Ideal for placing in the hallway, on the kitchen table or on a sideboard, your floral display will make a big impact as soon as you walk through the door. For a special occasion, commission a bouquet from a local florist and include lots of lovely rust tones complemented and softened by pink blooms.  Alternatively, you can get hold of some brilliant faux flowers and stems these days, so consider putting together a faux display yourself that will last right through until spring.

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Updating your home for Autumn/Winter 2020 is a great way to welcome in the new season. Embrace the darker evenings and colder weather by cosying up at home, enjoying spending time together as a family, or relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. Updating your home will set you up perfectly to have a wonderfully cosy winter and make fantastic memories from the comfort of your own home.

Looking to add warmth and style to your home with a rug? Browse our extensive Rug collection and find the perfect rug for your home this Autumn/Winter. If you’re not sure where to get started, take a moment to read our Rugs Buying Guide.

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