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30 Boho Style Tips for the Ultimate Bohemian Inspired Home

Boho home décor is wonderfully versatile and can be incorporated into every home and interior. Ideal if you want to create a laid-back scheme with character and an eclectic global feel, the bohemian style allows you to be creative in your home. Inspired by the likes of travellers, writers and actors, Boho décor reflects a carefree lifestyle and uses a variety of colours, textures, materials and patterns from all around the world.

To get you started on creating your scheme, here are 30 Boho style tips for the ultimate bohemian inspired home…

1. Add Interest with Prints

Boho décor isn’t all about bright colours and lashings of fabrics and textures. If you favour a pared back look, why not try Boho chic, by opting for white walls, and adding interest with soft furnishings and raw materials. Think an Aztec print armchair, tie dye cushion covers in deep shades of blue and a hand tufted Indian rug.

2. Unique Wall Décor

Bohemian style is often eclectic therefore, that means pushing boundaries when it comes to traditional style. If you have an empty wall that is just begging to be filled with something interesting, try hanging a collection of wicker hats, instead of the typical go-to gallery wall. If hats aren’t your thing, try a collection of woven Moroccan style dishes instead, some designers also find it extremely effective to hang rugs on walls as opposed to the expected use on your floor space.

3. Add a Hanging Chair

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Seating doesn’t come much more laidback than a hanging rope chair. Perfect for a Boho living room, a hanging chair can make use of an unloved empty corner and add extra personality. Try styling with a sheepskin and a bright patterned cushion.

4. Introduce Natural Materials

Rattan, wicker, pampas grass, bunny tails and raw wood all lend themselves incredibly well to bohemian interiors. These materials are the ideal way to create Boho room décor but maintain a neutral colour palette. Try introducing a vintage sideboard in a dark wood finish, and style with a vase of pampas grass, a woven plate and other wooden elements. Or alternatively, go for a jute rug and add interest and style to your floor with natural jute.

5. Lay a Tassel Rug

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Bohemian style has a softness to it, and while wood floors work wonderfully in this scheme, a rug is a great way to add texture and interest to otherwise hard plain floors. Try a rug with tufted elements and tassels to introduce lots of texture. If bright colours aren’t really your thing, a muted colour palette of grey, cream and blush are ideal.

6. Play with Open Shelving

Open shelving offers the perfect opportunity to create eclectic displays. The Boho home should be filled with interesting items from around the world. Shelving works best in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, but can be used throughout the home. Try styling items of varying heights to add interest, along with house plants and books to create a unique and eclectic display.

7. Create a Cohesive Colour Palette

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Bohemian style doesn't have to mean bright colours and lots of them. It’s possible to create Boho home décor in a more refined way, using a simple yet striking colour palette. Try a colour scheme of warm rusts, blush pink, cream and accents of copper. Use these colours through artwork, cushions and other soft furnishings, and pull the look together with a bohemian rug with a tufted texture and subtle pattern.

8. Try a Colourful Wall Hanging

Ideal if you want to make an impact on a small budget, a colourful wall hanging can completely transform your space. Try a large hanging above the bed to add focus - go for something colourful and vibrant with a global appeal.

9. Add Interest with Houseplants

Bohemian style lends itself really well to the use of houseplants. As this look is often quite characterful, you can add further interest with a collection of houseplants. Try plants of differing sizes to create a unique finish - a mix of floor standing plants, hanging plants and large, medium and small plants on shelving and surface tops is ideal.

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10. Go All Out on Pattern

If you love patterns and prints, a Boho home décor scheme is ideal. When it comes to Boho chic, there are little in the way of rules, meaning you can mix and match and even clash patterns to your heart’s content. Try a bold and bright wallpaper, clashing curtains, a patterned rug and cushions. Different patterns work well together in a Boho scheme, but if you want to keep the look cohesive, try using the same colour palette across each element. kilim rugs are a popular choice when it comes to using home accessories to incorporate patterns while maintaining a laidback feel.

11. Create a Cosy Feel

Boho décor is all about a laid-back and comfortable vibe, which offers the perfect opportunity to add a cosy touch. Many of us love to feel cosy and comfy at home, particularly in our bedrooms and living room. To create a cosy feel use layers. Try a shaggy rug on the floor, patterned cushions and throws on beds or sofas, tactile lamp shades, tassels, fringing and pompoms.

12. Add a Shelf of Plants

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13. Introduce Handmade Elements

Pieces with a rustic-handmade finish fit in perfectly in a bohemian style room. Try elements such as crocheted, woven, macramé, stitching such as cross stitch artwork and hand embroidered cushions, and hand-tufted rugs. Any keepsakes from your travels and handmade pieces from market’s would work perfectly.

14. Go for Bold Jewel Tone Colours

A number of colour schemes work well for bohemian interiors. If you favour colourful schemes, try Moroccan inspired jewel tones across your Boho style home. A tufted Moroccan style multi coloured rug is the ideal way to add an instant pop of colour, texture and pattern. Try picking out a few colours from your rug to tie in with the rest of your interiors, painting a feature wall and complimenting with colourful cushions and accessories.

15. Add a Pouffe or Floor Pillow

As mentioned before, the Boho home should be laid back with a global appeal. This means taking a different approach to traditional seating, offering additional options in the way of a pouffe and floor pillows. This relaxed style reflects the nomadic approach to living and offers versatility as these items can be easily moved around and used as required. Try a Moroccan pouffe or large embroidered floor pillow. Leather, metallic or even bright colours and patterns all work well.

16. Create Focus with Lighting

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Well planned lighting is essential in all interior schemes, but it’s particularly important to create that desirable Boho chic look. Bohemian décor is all about creating a mellow atmosphere, and to achieve this you need to layer lighting. Spotlights don’t work so well for this style - instead opt for low hanging pendants over key pieces of furniture in finishes such as rattan. Include lots of lamps to create a cosy feel - Moroccan lamps are ideal and will cast low lighting around the room in an interesting way.

17. Prioritise Vintage Furniture

Vintage pieces work especially well in bohemian style rooms and should be prioritised over new items. Mid-century furniture is the most popular choice for bohemian style. Try a vintage sideboard with a macramé hanging above, a patterned rug and style with potted plants, vintage prints and other eclectic items. When it comes to matching woods, there are no rules. Generally speaking, darker wood suits Boho décor more, but you can mix and match which will only add to the relaxed and nomadic style.

18. Try a Monochrome Boho Style

Shop the look - Boho Shaggy Rug 8280 White Black

When we think about Boho home décor we mostly think of colourful interiors, lots of dark wood and colourful accessories. However, if you prefer more neutral and bright schemes, there’s no reason why you can’t make this work for a bohemian style room. When it comes to doing monochrome Boho, it’s all about texture and materials. Add depth and interest with a Boho style rug in black and white, layer sofas and beds with blankets and throws and cushions with tassels and unique patterns. Introduce raw natural wood, wicker and tan leather, and add colour with a collection of house plants in terracotta pots.

19. Use Contrasting Tones

If you favour all white walls, consider introducing contrasting natural tones to add focus, such as dark wood. Dark wood flooring is the perfect bohemian style accompaniment to white walls. Take the look further by investing in a few pieces of dark wood vintage furniture and plants with dark leaves.

20. Take Your Bohemian Style Outdoors

This look isn’t just for interiors - a stylish seating area in the garden can be an extension of the home, and given that these spaces are usually relaxed, Boho décor is the perfect choice. To create a bohemian outdoor seating area, choose furniture in rattan and wicker, add a large patterned outdoor rug at the centre, and style with solar powered lanterns, string lights, cushions and throws. Large rugs also work really well in living rooms and bedrooms.

21. Go for Rose Pink

Shop the look - Boho Shaggy Rug 7042 Rose

Boho chic doesn’t have to be all about bright colours. If you love this look but want to go for something softer, try a colour palette of rose pink, perfectly complemented with contrasting black elements, white and of course natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and wood. If you’re just getting started on creating your Boho scheme, try a large rose pink tufted rug with tassels for maximum impact, and complement with large house plants and a rattan coffee table.

22. Hang an Indoor Trellis

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No outdoor space? No problem - the bohemian home lends itself perfectly to creating an indoor garden. If you are also lacking in floorspace, use the walls instead. Choose an unstained trellis with a natural finish and attach it to the wall. Add hooks to the crosses and hang potted plants to create your very own living wall with a bohemian twist. Choose Boho style pots, such as terracotta, and stick to greenery rather than flowering plants.

23. Layer Rugs

Traditionally, rugs are used alone, often placed at the centre of a room or under a large piece of furniture. However bohemian style allows us to push boundaries and lends itself well to a layered informal look with lots of texture, clashing patterns and a variety of colours. If you prefer a more cohesive look, layer rugs that sit within the same colour palette, or create an impact by mixing and matching Moroccan Rugs, Shaggy Rugs and Sisal Rugs.

24. Introduce Aztec Patterns

With both a traditional and modern feel, Aztec patterns are ideal for Boho home décor. The unique patterns tell stories through arts and crafts passed down over generations, which is what the bohemian style is all about. For a bohemian bedroom, try a large Aztec patterned rug under the bed, and cushions in a different Aztec print. For the living room, the same would work brilliantly, with the rug under a vintage wood coffee table.

25. Try Bright Furniture in a Rental Property

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If you love the bright and bold bohemian style but are currently renting, you can still embrace this look. Bohemian décor doesn’t have to mean painting walls all sorts of colours, it can work just as well with white walls, instead focusing on adding a Boho chic look with furniture and accessories. To make a big impact, try a bright coloured sofa with a large and colourful rug. You can layer this look with additional décor, such as lamps, houseplants, lanterns, artwork and more.

26. Don't be Afraid of Mixing and Matching

When you follow the rules to the letter, bohemian style becomes, well, not very bohemian. Copying a Boho look out of a magazine or from Pinterest often results in a very rigid and staged look, which is the opposite of Boho chic. This look is all about what YOU love, pieces from your travels and adventures and combining the Boho style with your own personality and taste.

When it comes to creating your Boho home, be playful. You don’t have to stick to elements that are strictly considered ‘Boho’. If you love the look of a black metal bed, then go for it, the contrast will work brilliantly, and you can bring in the right feel with other elements. The point is that eclectic style packed full of personality, and a few traditional Boho elements is the perfect way to achieve your design goal!

27. Try Burnt Orange Tones

Shop the look - Boho Shaggy Rug Terracotta

Burnt orange and rust is a huge colour trend in bohemian décor right now. If you’re working to a budget or you want to simply update your existing Boho home, introducing rust tones is the perfect way to bring your décor up to date, or to make an impact when it comes to creating that Boho chic look. Try a large shaggy rug in rust for maximum impact. Bring the shade in further by choosing artwork that includes burnt orange tones, and update cushions and throws to pull the whole look together.

28. Choose Artisan Pieces

The details really matter in the Boho home. When it comes to choosing both permanent fixtures and accessories, think outside the box. Instead of shopping with your favourite high street brands, look further afield. Choose crockery from Morocco or mix and match vintage pieces from antique stores and markets. When it comes to important elements such as bathroom and kitchen tiles, choose handmade pieces that may have some differences across each tile. Imperfections work well in the Boho home, instead of trying to achieve that polished look, embrace the quirky, the imperfect and the unique.

29. Hang a Gallery Wall

Image Credit:

A gallery wall is a brilliant way to add instant impact and create that all important bohemian style. The perfect place for a gallery wall is above your sofa, above a sideboard or up the stairs. To create a Boho feel, mix and match frames - try focusing on natural materials such as wood frames, but add in black and white frames too. If you want to add a luxe edge, try a couple of frames in gold and copper.

Your Boho gallery wall doesn’t have to be made up just from prints and artwork - try a mix and match approach, using mostly artwork, but adding in plates, woven dishes and mirrors too. If you want a more cohesive look, choose prints in a similar colour palette, or simply choose pieces that you love and forget about colour, for a more eclectic finish.

30. Don't be Afraid to DIY

‘Handmade’ is encouraged in Boho home décor, and that doesn’t always have to mean paying someone else to make something for you. There are loads of crafts that you can try when it comes to creating unique Boho accessories. From Macramé and fabric garlands, to pressed flower artwork and dried flower displays, you can create striking pieces at a low cost yourself. The Boho home perfectly suits the DIY approach. Let your creative spirit flow and make unique pieces for your home, with DIY décor ideas for the bohemian home.

If you love laidback style that’s colourful, eclectic and allows you to be creative and push boundaries, then bohemian style is perfect for you. Encouraging you to display items from your travels and all the things you love and cherish, Boho home décor is all about creating a homely and stylish finish that perfectly reflects your personality. If you’re just getting started with creating your Boho home, try the above ideas to create that super desirable Boho style.

Rugs are a key Boho home accessory and at Land of Rugs, we’re pleased to offer you a wide selection of rug styles, designs and colours for every Boho décor lover. Browse our Boho Rugs collection and find the missing piece to your home!

  • Posted On: 2 December 2021

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