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5 rugs which add life to office spaces

The interior design of offices can sometimes feel a little bare, so adding a rug is a great way to brighten up your work space. Not only do rugs add a burst of colour, but their 'homey' feel can really transform the atmosphere of a room. Here are 5 office rugs to make your work an inspiring place to get down to business!

1. Aurora Electric Blue Cream Foam Rug

This rug is sure to add a splash of colour to any office space. With the patterns it has it creates a modern look that is sure to improve any space it fits into. This gorgeous rug is sure to be a conversation starter for anyone that walks into your office space

2. Circle Chlorophyll Cells Thin Washable Rug

This rug is perfect for the messier people. Not only will this rug add some style to your office, it'll also be a dream to clean since you can just chuck it into your washing machine. This rug will look great in any office space where there's a plant or anywhere with some natural lighting.

3. White Ultra Thick Shaggy Rug

This white ultra thick plush shaggy rug is simple by design but that doesn't stop it from being the main attraction in the centre of your room. This rug comes in wide variety of different colours so there's one for every colour scheme in every office.

4. Lexus Neutral Wool Rug

The Lexus neutral wool rug is bound to add some colour to your office space and with its neutral colour it'll fit the colour scheme no problem. The rug features a modern geometric pattern which will complement the layout of the room.

5. Form Rug 3D Wool Pile

This Form rug is going to add some style and some texture to your office. The 3D texture is aesthetically pleasing and the pattern will fit well with any décor that you already have in your office. This Rug comes in a wide variety of colours so there's one you'll love!

  • Posted On: 1 September 2016

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