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6 of the Best Interior Design Colurs for 2023

Image showing a blue, velvet, sofa placed on a blue and white traditional-style rug. Also on the coffee table you can see a white, granite themed circular coffee table. The room is set within cream walls and there are two landscape photographs on the wall.

If you are considering changing the interior design of your home to make it look more modern, or just to give it a bit more colour, you want to make sure that you choose colours that are trending and that complement the look of your home and your current furnishings. While most homeowners would like to get rid of their old furniture and replace it with new, that can become quite expensive and time consuming. You can still achieve a new, more stylish home design without spending a lot of money quite easily using a variety of large size area rugs in some of today’s top trending colours. If you’re going a little further with your interior decorating there are lots of new and inviting paint shades over at Crown or Dulux to help pair with your choice floor covering.

Back to business - let’s take a look:

Here Are Some Of The Best Interior Design Colours For 2023

Olive Green - Olive green is a sophisticated and calming hue that will work well with natural materials and earthy textures within your home. Given its calming nature, olive green will work extremely well as an accent wall colour in your bedroom or living room.

Terracotta - Terracotta is a warm, earthy colour that adds depth and richness to any space. Terracotta works well with both neutral and bold accents, making it a perfect colour choice for almost any home in your room. Our personal preference? We would use terracotta in a home office or even a kitchen. Check out some of our terracotta kitchen rugs.

Navy Blue - Navy blue is a classic and timeless colour that can add depth and elegance to any room. Whilst you can use navy blue shades across your whole room (as a neutral palette), we do believe it works best when used as a bold accent colour. Given its timeless nature, navy blue would work extremely well in living rooms, bedrooms or even home offices.

Blush Pink - A soft and delicate hue that adds a feminine and romantic touch to any space. Blush pink shades work well with metallic accents, making it a perfect choice for the bathroom!

Burnt Orange - Burnt orange is a warm and bold colour that adds energy and vibrancy to a room. If you're considering using this colour within your interior decor, you will find it pairs extremely well with other earth tones and natural materials. We personally find burnt orange works great in the living room! Check out some of our orange living room rugs for more inspiration.

Deep Plum - Deep plum is a luxurious and dramatic colour that will work well to add depth and sophistication to a space. Deep plum tones will work extremely well when paired with metallic accents and jewel tones. Because of this, it makes perfect sense to create a deep plum accent wall in the bedroom or even the kitchen!

Thinking of updating your home decor in 2023? Our expert team are ready and waiting to help!

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  • Posted On: 14 February 2023

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