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6 Of The Best Interior Design Colours For 2019

If you are considering changing the interior design of your home to make it look more modern, or just to give it a bit more colour, you want to make sure that you choose colours that are trending and that complement the look of your home and your current furnishings. While most homeowners would like to get rid of their old furniture and replace it with new, that can become quite expensive and time consuming. You can still achieve a new, more stylish home design without spending a lot of money quite easily using a variety of large size area rugs in some of today’s top trending colours. If you’re going a little further with your interior decorating there are lots of new and inviting paint shades over at Crown or Dulux to help pair with your choice floor covering.

Back to business - let’s take a look:

Here Are Some Of The Best Interior Design Colours For 2019

Hazelnut- hazelnut is a warm and inviting colour that coordinates with a wide range of home interiors and furnishings. A hazelnut coloured rug can brighten up a dimly lit room and create a sense of calm in a bedroom.

Lilac Gray- a classic colour with a modern twist, lilac gray is perfect for any room of the house and can be used as an alternative  to neutral. A lilac gray rug can make a room feel more gender neutral and cheery.

Dark Green- the official paint colour of the year for 2019, ‘Night Watch’, is a version of the classic hunter green and you can find a wide range of styles and sizes of rugs in this colour or colours that are very similar.

Muted Pastels- warm, muted colours make up the pastel colour palette and can add a bright, cheery feeling to any room. Perfect for creating a minimalist design, rugs in muted pastel colours can add style and warmth to your home.

Blues- blue is a classic, timeless colour that can create a casual or elegant look to your home design without becoming a focal point. From pale powder blue and charcoal blue, to an ice blue, gray-blue or any other hue, blue is an easy colour to decorate with and you will find a wide range of throw rugs, area rugs and more in this subtle color palette.

Mustard- as an alternative to last year’s jewel tones, mustard is a rich, elegant colour that can act as a focal point in your room and help create a more dramatic effect. Choose smaller, area rugs in this colour to avoid it becoming overpowering.

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  • Posted On: 3 March 2019