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5 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Conservatory

Conservatories can be one of the most relaxing, bright and beautifully decorated rooms in a house. However, they can often feel very cold and unwelcoming. The great aspect of a conservatory is its ability to be a social area that allows you to have flexibility and freedom. This is a versatile space that can often serve more than one purpose, but how do you go about creating a space that meets your needs, is warm and comfortable, but beautiful too?

Read on to discover five ways to add warmth and style to your conservatory…

Colour is Key

The trick to getting the perfect conservatory is to add warmth wherever you can. Colour is a great way of doing so and can instantly lift the mood. Whites, yellows, oranges and pinks can be very gentle and inviting. However, bold colours such as red, greens and blues can give a much more luxurious and alluring feel.  As conservatories are commonly a great source of natural lighting, this space can take dark and bold shades, and the sun can react and play with bright colours.

Consider on trend shades, such as plaster pink, rich greys, deep forest green, teal or mustard, or go for something classic to create a space that you will love for a really long time and that won’t date quickly. 

Create Options with Curtains or Blinds

A great way of ensuring additional warmth in your conservatory is through installing blinds or curtains to cover your bare windows. Blinds and curtains can allow extra privacy from any overlooking neighbours. Also, think about installing security roller shutters that can keep out up to 80% of noise. The thick and durable materials used can reflect and absorb sound waves from outside, creating a tight seal between the shutters and window.

In addition, coverings such as these can create a cosier feel when pulled down, making your conservatory a usable space in the winter and the evenings.

One of the main advantages to installing blinds is they can be removed in the Summer when the weather gets warmer. Simply leave blinds up in the summer to allow the light to flood in, or pull them down to keep the room cool on very hot days, or keep blinds down during the winter to add additional insulation and make the space feel warm and inviting. 

Curtains, on the other hand, are great for all seasons because of this exact reason... There isn't a need for them to be removed! In the Summer months, you can close the curtains to stop the sunlight getting in and radiating your room, whilst also being able to leave them closed in the Winter months to ensure heat gets trapped in your conservatory.

Create Balance

Furniture and decor are also a key consideration. Stained wood, rattan or wicker make very beautiful conservatory furniture, but alone can feel a bit stark. When teamed with the right colour scheme, lighting and décor can inexpensively turn your conservatory into a tranquil sanctuary. If you want to stick to fairly traditional conservatory furniture, consider introducing plenty of soft furnishings, accessories and additional texture and colour to add interest to the space, and bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. 

Soft furnishings are a great way to dress a conservatory and add that homely feel. Not only will the addition of cushions and blankets make the space more cosy, they will also add interest and enhance your scheme. Think materials such as wool and velvets for the colder months, and cottons and linens for the warmer season. These sorts of accessories are easy to switch up, and make a big impact on the space, depending on how you want it to feel. 

Enhance the space further with the addition of a couple of houseplants in beautiful ceramic pots, a bouquet of dried flowers on the coffee table, and accessories in your favourite metal - copper, brass and gold are particularly good for adding warmth and that luxe look. 

Add Warmth with a Rug

The key component to add warmth to a living area is a rug.

Come on, you knew this was coming! ;)

Rugs can elongate conservatories, add character and become a focal point.  Things that may not suit your existing décor can now take pride and place in this room. The different atmosphere and aura allows for a different styling to be acceptable.  With any conservatory, it is crucial to utilise your space appropriately. Try not to overcrowd the space with multiple items and furnishings. However, it is okay to experiment with different items and layouts.

Any conservatory owner will understand the issue of cold flooring. This ultimately has a negative effect on the room's overall temperature. A large rug will add that much needed warmth and a sense of homeliness. Although these recommendations can work well alone, combining these will make for a very luxurious and inviting conservatory.

Make it Work for You

Conservatories are generally used more in the summer, and often primarily as a seating area for warm sunny days. Ultimately, your conservatory can be used any which way that suits your lifestyle - from a bar space for entertaining or an office, to a reading nook or craft room, a conservatory offers fantastic additional space that’s really versatile. Many people worry of the aspect of the room being too warm in the summer, or too cold in the winter, but when you plan accordingly, you can use your conservatory all year round. 

With so many ways to use and style your conservatory, the opportunities are endless. This additional space can be hugely beneficial, you just have to work out how you want to use your conservatory and kit it out in a way that suits your lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to add warmth to a conservatory and make it feel more like part of the home is with a large rug. Many conservatories are fitted with tiles, which can make them feel colder and less practical, but with a big cosy rug you can create a warm, welcoming and functional space, not to mention beautiful too. 

We have the ultimate range of rugs for your conservatory, start your search for your rug on our website.

  • Posted On: 9 August 2019

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