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The Full Guide to Bathroom Rugs

A bathroom rug is one of those love or hate interior trends. For some, approaching bathroom décor in the same way that you might approach the design of the rest of your home makes perfect sense, but for others, the bathroom should remain separate from the home and designed specifically for its primary purpose. If you love the idea of a bathroom rug, but you’re not sure how to incorporate one into your home, our guide provides everything you need to know…

Bathroom Rug Pros and Cons…

Of the many interior design trends that have developed over the years, a potentially controversial trend is that of bathroom rugs. Unless you have a vast bathroom with plenty of floor space away from the “danger zone” of being next to a bath, shower or toilet, most of us would not put much thought into the idea of having a bathroom rug. However, a bathroom rug can be a stylish addition, and could work well as an alternative to a bath mat, just on a larger scale. 

Here are a few pros and cons to consider, to help you decide whether you should invest in a bathroom rug to update your space…

Pros to Purchasing a Bathroom Rug

  • Stylish – Having a rug in your bathroom is a sure way to make a statement. A well maintained bathroom rug could be a stylish addition, as well as a focal point in your home. Introducing a rug is a great way to easily update your bathroom when you fancy a bit of a change, without having to change the whole scheme.

  • Comfort – The only way to improve a nice shower after a long day would be stepping out onto a lovely, soft rug. This is probably one of the most obvious and agreed upon benefits of bathroom rugs. Even if you aren’t taking a shower, it is a good alternative to a cold, hard tile or laminate floor. In addition, using a rug in your bathroom is a great way to reduce the chance of slipping, especially if you have tiles that are unsuitable for a wet environment. Consider using an anti-slip underlay though, or choose a rug with an anti-slip backing.

  • Cost – If you like to redecorate parts of your home frequently, the bathroom is a good option, as it tends to be smaller than other areas of the home and can suffer wear and tear more frequently. With a rug you can easily - and inexpensively - make quick design changes. Bathroom rugs offer a great way to update your space without having to start taking tiles off the walls, or getting a plumber in.

Cons to Purchasing a Bathroom Rug

  • Hygiene – This is quite possibly the most obvious reason for not having a bathroom rug. You do need to keep an eye out for mould, mildew or spills. Using carpet in the bathroom wouldn’t be a common choice, but actually throughout the years, some trends have favoured a softer floor surface, so it is possible to use rugs and carpets in the bathroom.  As opposed to small carpets, which are much trickier, small rugs are easily washed or replaced, making a bathroom a great way to incorporate a softer and more homely look in your bathroom, without the worry of how to clean and maintain a carpet.

  • Damage – Most rugs are not designed for extended exposure to water and other forms of moisture. Over time, the padding will likely become damaged and begin to erode. This is another issue which can be avoided by keeping an eye on the state of your rug and taking action before anything gets too serious. Just like you would with a bath mat, pop your rug in the washing machine every few weeks, and clean up any spills to avoid damaging the pile. 

Bathroom Rug Styling Tips

Choosing a rug for your bathroom may seem like a tricky task, as not every rug would be suitable for a room where there’s lots of moisture. Consider rugs made from manmade materials, and those that can be put in the washing machine, rather than ones that need specialist cleaning.

A very large rug in the bathroom might be impractical, especially if it’s so large that it ends up close to the toilet and sink, as well as the bath and/or shower. Choose a small to medium sized rug to get this look right. 

When it comes to style, the options are almost endless. Rugs made from natural fibres would work well in a bathroom, such as jute or sisal. The flat weave design is also ideal, as it won’t hold onto moisture and dust. In fact, some modern bath mats are made from jute, making this a good option. Jute is a great option if you want to create a Scandi style bathroom, as this natural material and warm shade would work well with this trend, and lift all white bathroom suites. However Jute and sisal rugs are often wipe clean only, so avoid this choice if you’d prefer a rug that you can pop in the wash. 

If you envisaged a super fluffy rug that you can sink your feet into, a shaggy rug could be a great option. Avoid those made from wool, and instead choose one made from manmade material. Shaggy rugs come in all sorts of colours, allowing you to choose from something bold, or something that feels a bit more natural in cream, white and grey tones. 

The bohemian interior design trend is set to be even bigger this year, and a Moroccan rug is the perfect way to create a Boho feel to your bathroom. The bathroom can often be a tricky space to work pattern into, making a Moroccan patterned rug a great option if you want to add interest, texture and colour. 

If you are looking for a bathroom rug that looks great whilst remains as practical as possible, look no further than a washable rug from Land of Rugs! These rugs all look stunning and, due to them being made from synthetic materials, are 100% machine washable meaning there will be no issue if any staining occurs.

Tie the look together by investing in matching bathroom towels. To create a cohesive look, pick out a colour from your bathroom rug and mirror it in your bath and hand towels, and other bathroom accessories, should you want to update these too. 

Whether you love or hate the idea of a bathroom rug, it’s clear to see that introducing one is a great way to update your space in a cost effective way. Browse our collection of rugs now, to find a design that’s perfect for your bathroom.

  • Posted On: 6 May 2022

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