Of the many interior design trends that have developed over the years, a potentially controversial trend, is that of bathroom rugs. Unless you have a vast bathroom with plenty of floor space away from the “danger zone” of being next to a bath, shower or toilet, most would not put much thought into the idea of having a bathroom rug. However, there are some people, that envision the warmth of a nice fluffy pile under their feet after a shower. It can also bring some fun design elements into an otherwise limited space.


We’ve put together a quick pros and and cons list for having a rug in your bathroom:


  • Distinctiveness – Having a rug in your bathroom is a sure way to make a statement! A well maintained bathroom rug could promote a plush and luxurious appearance. As well as providing a bit of focal interest.

  • Comfort – The only way to improve a nice shower after a long day would be stepping out onto a lovely, soft rug. This is probably one of the most obvious and agreed upon benefits of bathroom rugs. Even if you aren’t taking a shower, is a good alternative to a cold, hard tile or laminate floor. Another reason still, is that you will reduce the chances of post-bath slips.

  • Cost – If you like to redecorate parts of your home frequently, the bathroom is a good option, as it tends to be smaller than other areas of the home and can suffer wear and tear more frequently. With a rug you can easily - and inexpensively - make quick design changes.


  • Hygiene – This is quite possibly the most obvious reason for not having a bathroom rug. As opposed to small carpets, which are much trickier, small rugs are easily washed or replaced. You do need to keep an eye out for mould, mildew or spills.

  • Damage – Most rugs are not designed for extended exposure to water and other forms moisture. Over time, the padding will likely become damaged and begin to erode. This is another issue which can be avoided by keeping an eye on the state of your rug and taking action before anything gets too serious.


Regardless of your stance, these are surely points to consider when deciding to purchase a bathroom rug. Are there any other factors to consider? Share them with us.