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Bedding - All The Frequently Asked Questions (Answered)

When it comes to bedding for your home, you may have a lot of questions! How do I pick the perfect duvet for my needs and my bed? What is the best material for my pillows? How often do I need to change my bedding? It's all so confusing!

In this blog post, we'll cover all of this and more!

We'll give you all the answers to the questions you have around bedding for your home! Ready to get into it? Let's go!

How to Pick the Perfect Duvet

When picking the perfect duvet, you need to account for 2 factors: Size, TOG rating and the weather. When it comes to size you should pick the size that matches the bed so if you have a double bed, you should get a double duvet.

You may not know what TOG rating is, so I’ll tell you. The Tog tells you how well the duvet traps air, so how insulative it is, and is ranked on a scale of 1-15, 1 being the worst and 15 being the best. In the hotter months I’d recommend a duvet with a TOG rating of 1-4.5, whereas in the winter I’d recommend a TOG rating of 12-15.

So when it comes to picking the perfect duvet you need to decide on the size and if you want one versatile duvet for the whole year or if you don’t mind having 2 and switching between them.

How to Pick the Perfect Pillows

When it comes to picking the perfect pillow, you need to take into account the position you sleep in.

  • If you sleep on your stomach, you will need a soft, flat pillow or even no pillow at all. Having a flat pillow helps leave your neck in-line with your spine.

  • If you sleep on your back you want a pillow with medium thickness. You also don’t want your pillow to be too soft or your head will sink down into it, potentially causing neck problems.

  • If you sleep on your side you want a firm, medium thickness pillow.

  • If you sleep in multiple different positions, you should opt for a pillow of medium thickness and a bit softer so it can be used comfortably in multiple positions.

Throws... Needed? Not Needed?

Throws can be used in a number of different ways from decorative purposes to keeping yourself warm. When it comes to throws, only you can decide if you want them or not. I personally think throws make a great additive to the bedroom as they can be used as a decorative piece or they can be used as a blanket to provide added warmth on those nippier nights. Throws come in all size, shape and price ranges so I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

How Often Should I Change my Bedding?

Most people should wash their bedding once per week. If you don't sleep on your bed every night you may be able to go about 2 weeks until you wash them. If you have pets and they go on your bed we recommend washing your sheets every 3-4 days. If you have allergies or asthma it might be worth it to wash your bedding more frequently and see if there's an improvement in your symptoms.

  • Posted On: 24 February 2022

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