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Everything you Need to Know About Outdoor Rugs

Everybody knows that accessorizing a room in your home with a rug instantly gives a chic and comfortable aesthetic but, have you considered utilising an outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs can completely transform the look of your garden, making the area feel like a seamless extension of your home. The garden is an important part of the home and should not be overlooked. Adding an outdoor rug to your garden is the perfect way to create a more usable and refined space for outdoor living to enjoy with friends and family.

The Benefits of Choosing an Outdoor Rug

Decorate Outdoor Area

You can decorate any space with an outdoor rug, whether it’s a patio, sundeck, or garden area. As with any living space, it’s much more enjoyable to spend time in an area that’s decorated well and is pleasing on the eye, and the same applies for your garden.

An outdoor rug is a simple yet effective way of adding a splash of colour and unique design on your garden. Introducing an outdoor rug means that you don’t need an expensive makeover or major DIY project to make noticeable changes. Pairing an outdoor rug with other outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to add unique character to your outdoor living space. Even on an oversized patio, an outdoor rug can make a strong statement.

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Cover Up Damage

Outdoor rugs combine style with practicality. If your decking is showing age related marks or perhaps, your patio tiles are cracked or have water damage; whatever the case may be, a rug can be used to cover up any marks and prevent additional damage. This offers the ideal solution to keep your garden looking in shipshape for longer.

Outdoor rugs will also protect your patio and sundeck floor from sunlight, dust and stains, and high-quality outdoor rugs are typically weatherproof and waterproof.

Match Any Trend

When it comes to design and style, there’s a ton of choice available with outdoor rugs. Current outdoor rug trends include geometric, animal print and colourful patterns. With so much choice on the market, you’ll be sure to find a rug that matches your personal taste and home décor.

In comparison to indoor rugs made of wool or other natural fibres, outdoor rugs are generally cheaper in price which is an added bonus.

Good for High-Traffic Areas

Woven from polypropylene fibers and other hard-wearing materials, outdoor rugs are designed to ensure durability making them an ideal option for high-traffic areas. Outdoor rugs are also suitable to be used inside the home. An excellent combination of both durability and style, these rugs work really well in hallways, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. We find that one of the most popular uses of an outdoor rug being used inside the home is for their kitchen, not just for aesthetic reasons but, also for the easy maintenance levels to keep your rug looking like new!

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Easy to Clean

Unlike indoor rugs which generally require dry cleaning or special attention, outdoor rugs are much more manageable to maintain and can be cleaned easily at home. You can use a damp cloth to wipe stains and spills or, if it’s time to give your outdoor rug a deep clean, simply hose it down. Using a scrub brush and mild soap is recommended. As outdoor rugs don’t absorb water, they are still light when wet and will dry quickly.

Durability is Guaranteed

Quality outdoor rugs are designed to withstand sun exposure and fading. This means that your rug will stay looking fresh and well-maintained for years to come.

Outdoor rugs are made from synthetic materials which means that it is unlikely for mildew or mold to grow on their surfaces. So, although you keep your rug outside all summer, there’s no need to worry about these kind of maintenance problems. Mold and mildew tend to feed on organic materials, such as wool or plant fibres. We would however recommend simple ongoing maintenance whilst cleaning down your garden furniture, as anything, the more frequently you clean and look after outdoor furniture, the longer it will last!

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Choosing an Outdoor Rug

Similar to when you’re choosing an indoor rug, there are certain factors you should consider before purchasing an outdoor rug. We’ve compiled a simple step-by-step guide to choosing an outdoor rug which you can follow to help you select the right rug for your garden.

Outdoor Rug Sizes

The size of your outdoor rug depends on the size of your space as well as the functionality and aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. For example, small rugs are best suited for use next to doors, in entryways or as a small feature in between furniture, whereas large rugs work well underneath outdoor living furniture.

The size of the rug you select will also depend on your personal preference. In any case, understanding how your rug will interact with other outdoor furniture is very important. Under table rugs should cater for moving chairs and it’s recommended that the rug is big enough to have all chair legs on the rug. If you are ever in doubt about size, always choose a larger rug.

Typical outdoor rug sizes are as follows:

Please note that these sizes may vary from brand to brand.

Outdoor Rug Materials

Not all rugs are designed to go outside therefore, when you’re choosing the material for your outdoor rug, durability is key. Outdoor rugs are generally designed using strong, wear-resistant materials and built to tolerate changing weather conditions. The best outdoor rug materials are natural fibres and synthetic. You would typically be looking for a rug whereby the main material used in production is polypropylene.


Natural rugs fall into categories: Bamboo, Sisal and Jute. These types of rugs look and feel luxurious and maintain their quality over time. Natural rugs are not always mildew or water damage resistant however, so you would need to pay closer attention to their maintenance.

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Synthetic rug types include both Polypropylene, Polyester and Acrylic materials, which are waterproof, stain resistant, lightweight and easy to clean. Synthetic rugs are also generally cheaper in price and offer a more affordable option.

Look at factors to consider when choosing a rug to match your floor type in other areas around the home.

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Other Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’re looking to find the missing piece to your garden with an outdoor rug, or perhaps you’re hoping to use the rug as the base to your new outdoor living design; whatever your situation, considering how your outdoor furniture will work together is essential.

Many homeowners find that choosing an outdoor rug after the rest of the furniture is already in place works most effectively as it’s much easier to visualize what design and size of rug will suit the area best.

Once you have an outdoor furniture plan or layout, you can use this information to help you determine the ideal design and size of your rug.

Outdoor Rug Shapes

Rug shape is important for both stylistic and practicality reasons. You should look to find a rug shape that suits the area well and compliments the rest of your furniture. Use the rug to frame the space and enhance the beauty of your living space. Square garden tables look stunning on square rugs, whereas circular tables are more suited to round rugs. If you’re looking to feature a rug under seating, rectangular rugs work really well.

Find out more about choosing the right rug for your home with our Rugs Buying Guide.

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Maintaining Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are great for adding colour and style to your patio or deck, but only if they are clean. Living outdoors, the rugs are exposed to the natural elements which means dust, mud and other outdoor debris can sometimes build up on the surface. That’s why it’s important to take care of your outdoor rug and regularly clean it.

After months of neglect, your outdoor rug may look soiled and seem impossible to clean. However, with the right method, your rug will look brand new again! When it comes to cleaning your outdoor rug, we have you covered. Read our top tips on outdoor rugs maintenance to help you keep your rug looking as good as new all season long.

Add Anti-Slip Underlay

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, anti-slip rugs underlay secures your rug in place and prevents the rug from moving underneath your feet and furniture. Underlay also helps to keep maintain the quality of your rug and prolongs life expectancy.

There are different anti-slip underlay sizes available to match different rug size types. We recommend that you purchase underlay that’s 10cm shorter than your rug. However underlay is designed to be easily trimmed to size if a custom size is necessary.

At Land of Rugs we offer the following anti-slip rugs underlay sizes:

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How to Clean An Outdoor Rug

Sweep your Rug

It might sound simple, but sweeping your rug is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Use a brush to sweep loose debris and dried mud off of your outdoor rug. Whilst you’re doing this, you should also take the time to examine your rug closer to see if a deeper clean is needed.

Stain Removal

Stains happen. But thanks to stain remover solutions, you can take steps to fix soiling. When using stain remover, you should always read the packet instructions closely and handle with care. Ensure the solution is mixed well and apply evenly and liberally with a sponge on the entire surface of the rug. If the stain is still visible following the initial application, apply additional layers as per the instructions.

Once the stain removal step is complete, hose down your outdoor rug. Depending on the condition of your rug, you may need to repeat the process several times. Continue to apply the stain remover as needed and rub stubborn spots to speed up the process.


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The fastest way to remove excess water from your outdoor rug is to hang-dry it and let gravity do the work for you. If your rug is quite thick, it will take at least 12 hours to fully dry. Keep this time frame in mind before you start cleaning your rug.

Looking for more information on rug care? Read our full Rug Care Guide.

Find your Perfect Outdoor Rug

At Land of Rugs we offer an exceptional range of outdoor rugs, all beautifully designed with quality guaranteed. Shop our Outdoor Rug collection now and take advantage of our free delivery to mainland UK addresses offer.

  • Posted On: 18 August 2020

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