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Choosing the Right Pet Friendly Rug

We are definitely a nation of pet lovers, it is estimated that around 12.5 million UK households own at least one dog and 12.2 million UK households own cats, according to With that being said pets such as cats and dogs are sometimes not that compatible with the rugs and carpets within our homes, mud from the back garden, wear and tear, little accidents and those long claws can all cause damage to your rugs. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice the warmth and aesthetic appeal of a cosy rug in favour of your four-legged lodger; you can have both! Here's our guide to choosing the best pet-friendly rug.

However, there are also arguments for the other side. With many pet owners, especially the owners of dogs and cats, opting for a hard flooring option in their homes. We here at Land of Rugs believe this isn't the right option. Dogs and cats can slip very easily on laminate floors, or other smooth surfaces. Believe me. My dog, Clover, has had many incidents in the kitchen, bounding in to get her food and slipping when she transfers from the soft flooring in the living room to the hard flooring in the kitchen. This has lead me to investing in a quality kitchen rug to place in our kitchen, to avoid this exact problem.

Not only can pets slip on hard surfaces, causing them stress and anxiety when running around their own home. They can also cause unsightly scratches on the floor. Rugs, an easy and cost-effective way of eliminating this problem, also exude a lot of visual appeal and feel good! You'll have seen that your pets enjoy cosy areas to relax. Because of this, rugs can create a feel-good atmosphere for all of their residents. Humans and animals alike.

There's also a great sound-absorbing effect seen when you place a rug on the floor. We will all be familiar with the "click, click, clack, clack click" that pets cause when they trot along hard flooring. Whilst not an issue for most people, some people will find this incredibly annoying. Investing in a quality area rug can solve this problem almost immediately. Rugs are far lighter and cheaper to replace when damaged than hard flooring also.

With all of this in mind, we are here to help you choose the right pet friendly rug for your home. We'll go into what material is best for your pets, what colour or pattern is best and we'll even drill down into whether you should choose a loop or a cut pile.

What Material?

The two main features to keep in mind when looking for a pet friendly rug is durability and stain resistance. The perfect rug is able to withstand day to day wear and tear and to continue looking great for the years to come, even with your pets putting it to good use. Rugs come in a variety of materials. The most popular are the natural fibres such as wool and synthetic fibres such as nylon. When thinking about pets synthetic rugs are more of a practical option, this is because they are the most durable and stain resistant.

One other advantage to synthetic rugs is that they are often machine washable. Here at Land of Rugs, we sell a wide array of washable rugs that are all made from 100% synthetic fibres meaning they can be placed on a wash cycle and come out looking brand new!

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you are choosing a synthetic material for your rug, that you will be sacrificing anything when it comes to quality. Just because a rug is more hardwearing than its natural counterpart, you can still enjoy the same benefits seen with a natural fibre rug. They are still amazingly soft, making them great for living rooms and bedrooms, they tend to be more cost effective than natural fibre options which means if they are ever damaged too much as a result of wear and tear from your pets then you can replace them at a relatively lower cost. And because they are more durable than natural fibre rugs, they are easier to keep clean and can be exposed to some traditionally harsher (although not too hard) cleaning products. Great for when you experience the little accidents that pet owners are all too familiar with.

Also, just because synthetic fibre rugs are the better option for pet owners, please don't allow that to mean in your mind that synthetic fibres are the only option as a pet friendly rug. Natural materials such as wool also serve as a good rug for your pet, but please just be aware that it takes a little more care to clean than synthetic fibres and may not last as long. Especially if you have more than one pet. One advantage to using synthetic rugs is that they can sometimes be deemed washing machine safe. Here at Land of Rugs we sell a range of washable rugs that are 100% washing machine safe. Check them out and see for yourself, plus, they look amazing too!

What Colour or pattern?

Anyone with a pet will understand the amount that their pet sheds fur. Whilst this is a fact of life, and something that we happily deal with in our day to day lives, it can become a little bit of an issue when our pets start to shed on our rugs. Traditional pet friendly rugs will be produced in a colour that makes it easier to hide shed fur, as well as hide any stains a little bit more easily than a rug that isn't so friendly. If it fits with your décor, it is always better to try and aim for a shaggy rug in a darker colour. This way, it will both hide stains hide any shed fur a lot easier than a low pile rug.

Loop or cut pile?

One of the oldest debates when it comes to interior design. Should I choose a rug with a loop pile, or a rug with a cut pile? The answer really depends on your situation. But our advice? If you have a pet, then it is always best to choose a rug with a cut pile. Whilst rugs with a loop pile look great, they are easily snagged by pets with claws. Especially cats! We know how curious those creatures can be! However, it isn't just cats that are a problem for loop pile, dogs can pull the pile apart over time when they run over the rug at full tilt. My dog also has a habit of trying to bury food in our rug, so it's crucial that we have a cut pile.

Once you have your pet-friendly rug, perform regular maintenance to ensure it always looks its best. Find helpful tips here.

  • Posted On: 25 February 2021

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