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Choosing the best rug for your conservatory

At Land of Rugs we often get asked for tips on choosing the best rug for your conservatory. Conservatories have been popular additions to buildings for many years, the earliest in England probably dating back to the 17th century when, as largely glass structures, they were used to store and nurture specimen plants brought in from other parts of the world. Victorian England saw an increase in the use of conservatories not just as places to display plants, but also as spacious additions to be enjoyed by well-to-do householders. Today, modern technology has ensured that in enlarging a home, a conservatory extension remains a highly popular option for many people. Glazing and heating design systems mean that they can be used all year round and they are increasingly affordable in price.

And it appears that the size of a house is no longer relevant in influencing the choice of a new conservatory over a brick constructed extension; you can find two bedroom and five bedroom homes alike all boasting their own desired conservatory design. It is simply that people love a bit of extra space, along with the additional light flooding in to keep the home looking cheerful on the dullest of days, as well as the flexibility of a conservatory to fulfil different functions. For example, it might become a new kitchen, dining space, the kids’ play space or just a relaxing sun room linking the garden to the house.

Once erected, planning the furnishing and decorations for conservatories is no different from planning other rooms. But whatever the style chosen, a real must for softening the appearance of conservatory structures and achieving a real lived-in feel in general is a statement rug.

Rugs in conservatories should have an anti-slip backing placed underneath to prevent movement. Flatweave rugs are low lying with no pile and limited trip hazard, making them safer for busy areas such as conservatories performing as kitchens. Flatweave polypropylene rugs such as Greek Key, with plain design and border, are a smart accessory for both a traditional and modern setting. Alternatively, Lodge and Cottage rugs inject a retro feel


Polypropylene flatweaves are also very popular in conservatories that are designated as garden rooms as they are hardwearing and respond well to foot traffic moving in and out of moist gardens. They tolerate dampness and are easy to clean, with most stains being removable by blotting.

At home or in a restaurant, everyone loves to dine with a garden view if possible. This is one of the reasons why conservatories are designated as dining areas, and what is more satisfying than to sit at a well laid table with a gorgeous rug underfoot that can complement the table and the setting.  Choices include rectangular, round, plain or patterned rugs. Large area rugs are ideal for allowing for movement of chairs without the legs snagging on the edges, and polypropylene rugs are easy to care for where crumbs and spills are likely. Ranges such as Heritage, Galleria and Woodstock would suit traditional or modern conservatory themes.

A floor covering for conservatories designated as kids and teenagers play spaces and dens should be ultra-comfy to allow for time spent playing and lounging. Shaggy rugs are ideal for this purpose and the thicker they are the more luxurious. Plush rugs are simply tops. For a bright and trendy look to a conservatory den, several small shaggies in a bright mixture of different colours, placed side by side to fit the space, will guarantee that it will be a favourite space that envious adults will want to share too!

A conservatory can be classic or chic, contemporary or cosy with the simple use of rugs, whatever the function it has to fulfil.

  • Posted On: 17 June 2016

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