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Cushions - The Ultimate Colour Guide

When buying new cushions, us here at Land of Rugs know it can be a nuisance trying to pick the right colours so we have done all the leg work and created a guide on how to pick the right colour cushions to go with your sofa.

Cushion Colours for a Grey Sofa

Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovych (Pexels)

When it comes to adding cushions to a grey sofa, you really cannot go wrong. The key thing here is the colour of the cushions you choose has to match the main colour throughout the rest of your interior. For example, I have a lot of yellow paintings in my home (I LOVE yellow) and I do have a grey sofa. Naturally, I have invested in yellow cushions to be placed onto my sofa.

Get where I'm going here?

When you are adding cushions to a grey sofa, the best match is going to be the match that goes well with the rest of your interior design. Blue a predominant colour within your space? Invest in some blue cushions. Have lots of greenery in your space whether through plants or other décor items? Definitely go with some green colours.

If you find that the interior design within your home is quite neutral anyway, then it really comes down to a personal preference. If you have a love for blue, then go for it! Have a love for yellow? Go for it! You can have fun experimenting here.

Cushion Colours for a White Sofa

Photo Credit: Max Vakhtbovych (Pexels)

Similarly to grey sofas, white sofas are very neutral from a colour point of view, but they definitely stand out within your room! Because of this, you need to ensure the cushions you are buying stand out as well. This way, you're really creating a statement piece with your sofa and cushion combination.

Again, the colour you choose will really depend on the colours that feature a lot in your existing interior design. The key difference though, is that brighter colours work better with white sofas. So if you're thinking you may want some pink cushions to compliment your white sofa, make sure the pink you choose is bright!

Cushion Colours for a Black Sofa

When it comes to decorating a black sofa with cushions, you really can choose whatever colour you like best! White cushions on a black sofa will add a lot of contrast to your room, so be ready for that!

Another way of decorating a black sofa with cushions could be to choose colours which compliment the piece. The key here is to go with darker hues. So if you want to add grey cushions to your black sofa then you would be wise to choose a darker shade of grey!

We would recommend, however, to invest in cushions made from crushed velvet if you can as the natural darker undertones from this material will work well with a black sofa.

Cushion Colours for a Blue Sofa

Photo Credit: Max Vakhtbovych (Pexels)

Blue comes in a wide variety of shades and tones, from light blues to dark blues and even deep navy blues. Believe me when I tell you that these are very different colours! With a blue sofa, I would personally recommend that (no matter which colour you choose) you go with a cushion with a pattern on it. Floral or simple lines work best here as they add a great amount of contrast to your sofa.

In terms of colours that really do work well with blue sofas, think of bright colours! Whites, greys and yellows are perfect options here.

Cushion Colours for a Beige Sofa

If you have a beige sofa, the possibilities are endless. Beige is a neutral colour so it won’t clash with anything in your house. Personally, with a beige sofa, I would use white cushions but that doesn’t mean you should. You can experiment with all sorts of colours when you have a beige sofa. If you want to be bold, I would recommend getting blue and pink pillows as the beige makes the hue pop on the pillows.  

How to Arrange Cushions

Image Credit: Rachel Claire (Pexels)

There isn’t a set way to organise cushions, it’s a task of trial and error till it looks perfect to you. When placing cushions on the sofa, I would use an odd number of cushions, 3 cushions for a small sofa and 5 or more for bigger sofas. You want to create layers with the sofa by placing bigger cushions behind the smaller ones. When you’re choosing your cushions, feel free to play around with getting cushions of different shapes and sizes. In fact, I recommend you get different shape and size cushions!

  • Posted On: 16 February 2022

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