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Fun rugs for kids' bedrooms

For a child, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It's where they do schoolwork, play games, read, daydream, visit with friends and stockpile toys. If you’re looking for some ideas for your children's’ bedroom, keep in mind that you’re dealing with a very versatile space and all the design decisions you make need to match this versatility. Everything must be comfortable and practical as well as durable. Let your children help with selections if they fancy it. But keep in mind that children's preferences change often, so for kids' room decor, use accessories and colours that can be easily replaced. Overall, whether you're decorating a playroom or bedroom be sure to focus on fun, growth and practicality.

A great place to start (or, alternatively a perfect finishing touch) is with a fun colourful rug for to make the floor a bit more interesting.

We’ve put together our current favourite 5 rugs for kids' bedrooms from our online store with links so you can purchase them for your own kids’ bedrooms.

5. HK 897 Wildlife Rug Blue

We'll kick off in style on this soft, wildlife themed blue play rug. Durable acrylic pile suitable for bedroom or playroom.

4. HK Rocket Rug Blue

Perfect for the little astronaut, soft acrylic playrug with space themes and vibrant multi-colourway.

3. Teddy Bear Rug Beige

Perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to your child's bedroom or playroom. Made from super soft 100% cotton.

This rug is also available in Pink and Blue.

2.  Vida Thin Soft Kids Lion Rug

There will be tons of fun for your little one when you let your child's imagination run free on this adorable jungle themed lion rug.

1. HK 179 Road Rug Green

The refreshing designs and strong colours of the HK Rugs make them a sure fire hit for those of you wanting to add fashionable colours to your floor.

Take a look at our collection of play mats and kids rugs here.

  • Posted On: 8 March 2016

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