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How To Clean An Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are bound to get dirty, that’s just what happens when its placed outside. Luckily they’re easy to clean and I’m going to make it even easier for you with this detailed guide.

Shake the Rug

You want to grab the rug by one of its edges and keep shaking it till all the dust and debris stops falling off. Make sure you shake the rug with lots of force so all the dust is dislodged. If your rug is too big to shake then you can hang it up or over something and hit it on both sides till the dust and debris stops falling off.

Vacuum the Rug

Then you want to hoover your outdoor rug to remove any of the tough bits of dirt stuck deep in the fibres. When hoovering you want to hoover both sides of your rug regularly to make sure there’s no hard debris stuck there.

Wash your Rug (Yes, It's Possible)

If you want to give your outdoor rug a general wash, it’s easy because your outdoor rug is stronger than your normal rug. All you need to do is, wash your rug with a hose with cold water till you feel you’ve done enough. If you don’t have a hose, you can just use a bucket filled with cold water and throw it over the rug till you feel it’s washed. Once the rug is washed, make sure its completely dry on both sides before being placed again. 

Stain Removal Tips

If you have a specific spot on your rug that only needs cleaning due to a stain, you should start with removing any moisture. Remove the moisture by dabbing the spot with a clean towel.

If the stain has hardened you want to remove the hard debris using the edge of a knife or spoon but be careful not to cut or rip the rug.

Once you’ve done that you want to mix together some water with a small amount detergent or white vinegar. Using a clean cloth, dab the stain with the mixture but DO NOT rub the area as it can work the stain into the fibres. Repeat this process till the stain has been removed but make sure the cloth is clean each time.

Once the stain is removed, wash the rug with water to remove all the soap. Once the soap has been removed, hang up the rug and leave it to dry. DO NOT place the rug till it has completely dried on both sides otherwise there’s a chance mould and mildew can grow.

  • Posted On: 18 February 2022

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