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29 Stylish Home Office Design Ideas

With more of us working from home than ever before, many of us are feeling inspired to create a home office that’s practical as well as beautiful. On average we spend 6-7 hours each day in our home office, making it a room in the house that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you’ve got a dedicated home office, or a nook in another part of your home, here are 29 stylish home office ideas to create an inspiring space that’s a joy to spend time in...

Interested in Designing a High Tech Home Office? Link to an amazing article from GISuser here.

1. Bohemian Home Office Décor

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The bohemian style is very laid back, making this a great choice for a home office for those with stressful and demanding jobs. Everything that you can do to help bring your stress levels down will work wonders, and creating a calming environment is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Try a simple colour palette of white, beige, creams and tan shades. Create a gallery wall in this palette above your desk, keep your desk décor minimal with some storage and a beautiful lamp. Finish the look with a jute rug on the floor to create a cosy finish.  

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2. Create a Space Saving Study

Working from home is new for many of us, and in most cases was sprung upon us. Because of this, many of us don’t have a dedicated room for an office, or the space to create one. If this is the case, it’s possible to create a space saving study in another part of your home.

When it comes to choosing where to work, select somewhere that’s tucked away if possible, offering you privacy at least most of the day. Try a fold down desk that can be folded up when out of use. Consider investing in, or making a boxed shelving unit with a fold down door. When not in use, the top shelf will display beautiful items, while the internal shelves can be tucked away. When you are working, simply fold down the door and reveal beautifully styled shelves inside.

Side Note: Working from home is tough, we know that. Luckily, there are plenty of systems and solutions out there to enable you to work from home more effectively! Business phone apps are crucial to working effectively, and Ringover have one of the best solutions on the market.

 3. Create a Cosy Finish

By nature, offices tend to be fairly stark spaces, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your home office. Introducing soft furnishings to a space instantly adds a cosy feel and softens the look. Home office décor presents the perfect opportunity to use soft furnishings into your scheme. 

Try a cushion on your desk chair, and a blanket thrown over the arm or the back rest. Invest in a soft and fluffy rug to sink your feet into - little comforts will go a long way to making you feel relaxed. It’s all about creating a space that you actively want to be in.

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4. Create a Moroccan Scheme

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Moroccan décor is a great option for your home office - it's vibrant yet laid back and on-trend, making it the perfect scheme for your home office décor. To create this look, try a feature wall in a deep rich shade, add colourful artwork in gold frames or hang a collection of brass and woven plates. Create low lighting with a brass desk lamp and floor lamp, and finish the look with a Moroccan style carved rug.

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 5. Breathe Life into your Office with Houseplants

If you’re looking for home office ideas on a budget, a great way to update your space and add vibrancy is to introduce houseplants. Generally inexpensive, houseplants will breathe life into your office and brighten it up.

Go for a few plants of varying sizes - try a small plant on your desk, a tall floor standing plant in an empty corner and add a shelf or two to fill with plants and books. Houseplants offer a great opportunity to introduce a touch of colour, both from the greenery, but also from the pots you choose to display them in. 

Having plants within your home office space has also been shown to reduce stress and improve productivity. So, we think it's a no brainer to include some lovely plants into your office space. Even if the plants are fake, they will work just as well! If you are looking for more tips on how to stay productive while working from a home, check out Lanson Place's great guide.

6. Try Minimalist Home Office Décor

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If you’re someone that’s easily distracted, a minimalist home office style is a great option. You still want your office space to be beautiful, but great storage is a must to keep clutter tidied away.

Try a simple white desk with drawers, and nothing more than your desktop/laptop, a plant and a lamp on top. Above your desk add simple shelves styled with just a few pieces of art, homeware items and books. Aim to create a simple colour palette of black, greys and natural shades to keep the look simple. 

Minimalism is also popular in commercial office design. The team at Advanced Commercial Interiors have created their own guide to minimalism at work. You should absolutely check it out.

7. Invest in Stylish Storage 

Every home office needs great storage, but that doesn’t mean introducing the typical office filing cabinets. With the rise in the popularity of the home office came storage solutions that are as pleasing on the eye as they are practical. Think mid-century sideboards, open shelving made from reclaimed boards, or simple white drawer units with a gloss finish. Whatever your style, there’s a beautiful home office storage solution to suit. 

8. Create Authenticity with Vintage Pieces

When it comes to decorating a home office, it can be all too easy to shop new. Often the most practical pieces are modern, as they’ve been designed with 21st century living in mind, but this can result in a one dimensional look that can be a little stark and uninviting. Add character and create an authentic, warm and welcoming space with the addition of a few vintage pieces.

If your budget is limited, invest in one key piece, such as a vintage desk, or a large vintage sideboard for storage. Go for dark wood - mid-century pieces work well and are on trend and stylish.

9. Go for an Energising Colour Scheme

If you find yourself feeling sleepy mid-afternoon, a vibrant colour scheme for your office is a great way to create an energising space and help you focus. If you’re not keen on lots of colour, try a feature wall in peacock blue, magenta pink or sunny yellow, broken up with a gallery wall or open shelving.

Compliment the look by adding a few additional pops of colour, such as a vibrant multicoloured rug, colourful decorative items, or even a storage unit painted in a bold shade. 

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10. Work in Textures to add Interest


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If you want to avoid redecorating or overhauling your entire office, try updating the space by introducing different textures. Textures are a great way to add interest and this simple cost effective update is ideal if you’re looking for home office ideas on a budget.

Try a woven rug on the floor, a sheepskin on your desk chair, rattan baskets, velvet curtains, metal details such as a copper lamp or brass drawer pulls. Different textures will create a layered look that will elevate your home office décor.

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11. Create an Accent Wall

 In a small space, try creating an accent wall to add interest using wallpaper. Wallpapering the wall in front of your desk is particularly effective when you’re working in an open plan space, working to define your work area and separate it from the rest of your home. Not a fan of colour? Try a simple modern monochrome pattern. If vintage style is your thing, try a floral paper to add colour and pattern. 

12. Add a Pop of Colour

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A great way to add vibrancy to an otherwise neutral space is to invest in a few colourful pieces to bring your home office décor to life. Try a pair of velvet chairs in warm coral pink, along with a Persian-style rug in vibrant shades, such as blues and pinks. Add greenery with houseplants to finish the look, and if you want to take it one step further, try accessories in brass to add a luxe finish.

13. Create a Cork Pin Board

If you’re looking for home office ideas on a budget, a cork pin board is a great option. Inexpensive and really effective, cork tiles can be secured to the wall above your desk to create a pin board that you can see while you are working. Use the board to pin beautiful and inspirational images to add to your home office décor, as well as useful notes and reminders to help you stay on top of your workload.

14. Include a Reading Nook

When you’re working from the same space all day, you can easily start to feel fidgety, restless and uncomfortable. If you have the space, consider creating a reading nook within your office, offering you a ‘break out’ space to move to for your last hour of the day, or to take a break from your desk work and instead spend time reading or researching.

Choose a comfortable armchair in a luxurious fabric such as velvet - this is also a great opportunity to introduce colour and texture into your office. Dress with a soft sheepskin or a cushion to create a space that’s relaxing, but encourages you to focus on your work. 

15. Go for Scandi Style

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Made popular a few years ago now, Scandi style is still bang on trend, and is a great option for a calm and stylish home office. Keep things simple with white walls, wood flooring and white and pale wood furniture. Dress the space with houseplants, a framed map above the desk, woven baskets for additional storage and a floor lamp in wood, white or black. 

The Scandi style is all about keeping things simple, and investing in pieces that are beautiful as well as practical - perfect for home office décor.

Sisal rugs and other natural material rugs are great for the Scandinavian design style. Check out our range of sisal rugs.

16. Use Books as Décor 

A simple and cost effective way to add a stylish touch to your home office is to stack books. Little collections of books stacked horizontally makes for an interesting interior display. Try stacking three on your desk and place a candle and vase on top. This will help you create interest with height, and also offers a unique way to store your books in your office. This can work on open shelving and on top of storage units too. 

If you’re sticking to a colour scheme, try and find books with spines that fit in with this scheme for a cohesive finish.

17. Add a Metallic Accent

Want to create a luxurious look and feel in your home office? Try introducing a few pieces in metallic. Brass looks super luxe and is really on trend at the moment, whereas copper has more of an industrial feel. If you prefer a neutral colour scheme, silver can work well too.

Try a metal light fitting and lamp, metal candle sticks and plant pots, and even metal photo frames. Mix up textures too, with hammered finishes, matte and shiny to add interest. 

18. Go for Light Shades in Small Spaces

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Want to make your box room office feel spacious and airy? Keep everything light. Go for white on the walls, a white gloss desk to help bounce light around, and a fluffy white rug to brighten the flooring too.

Add interest to an all-white scheme with houseplants and brass accents. Try a mirror with a brass frame to help increase the light and make the space feel bigger, and add depth and character with a desk chair in tan leather. 

If your office is overlooked, planning your window treatments and increasing privacy is a must.

Having a home security system in place is also important if people can see into your home office, as that raises the risk of someone trying to get inside in search of something valuable.

19. Turn an Alcove into the Perfect Mini Office

If you haven’t got the space to commit a whole room to an office, an alcove is a great space for your work station. Often underutilized, alcoves are often just the right width for a small and simple desk. Try a wall mounted desk without legs to keep the space nice and open, and add storage with built in shelving above for filing cabinets and decorative items to give the space some personality.

20. Try a Moody Paint Colour

If you’re blessed with space, consider trying a deep and rich paint colour to create a cosier feel in large rooms. If you’re feeling bold, paint the entire room in a deep blue, forest green or rich plum, or for a softer approach, go for a feature wall. Take the look further by introducing dark wood furniture, brass lighting and accents and a thick grey rug with a deep pile. 

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21. Add Interest with a Patterned Rug

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With fewer opportunities to introduce soft furnishings, patterns and textures in an office space, a great way to add impact is with a patterned rug. Focusing the pattern and colour on the floor will add depth and ground the space, while allowing you to keep the rest of your space simple. If you prefer monochrome schemes, try a graphic black and white rug, or add a pop of colour with a Moroccan inspired rug.

We here at Land of Rugs have an amazing range of rugs for you to take a look at!

22. Make a DIY Desk

Got an awkward space to work with, or need a double desk that’s big enough for two? Try making your own out of reclaimed scaffold boards or palettes. When you create your desk top, ensure it’s level by using a spirit level, and consider sanding and staining to avoid any splinters while you’re working. Invest in a few matching storage units to place your desk top on - ideal if you need to create a long double desk, just use three units spaced evenly apart to allow space for two chairs/desk spaces. 

23. Design a Space That Inspires you

Most importantly of all, your office space should inspire you, after all, you will spend a large proportion of your day in your home office, so it’s important to feel motivated and positive. If you’re struggling to figure out what an inspirational space means to you, try creating a mood board. Don’t think too much about your home office décor when putting your board together, instead think about what makes you feel good, what colours, textures and styles do you really love?

Once you’ve created your board, a clear direction should become apparent. Try searching home office ideas on Pinterest for lots of great ideas and to get a feel of the styles you like too. 

24. Zone your Space with Clever Design Tricks

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If you’re working from an open plan room, a great way to add definition to your office space is to zone it. Zoning is the act of separating a space from other areas in an open plan room, for example separating your kitchen and dining area, without the need for walls or physical dividers.

You can do this with clever design tricks. Try adding focus to the wall, by painting the wall in front of your desk a different colour, hanging a gallery wall above your desk, or both. Pay attention to the floor too - the most simple and effective way to define a space is by placing a rug under a key piece of furniture, in this instance, your desk. If you're keen to think outside the box, why not try an on-trend round grey rug style to add further interest to the space?

25. Add Wall to Wall Storage

Need a lot of storage in your home office? Try wall to wall storage to maximise the space that you have and the practicality of your space. If your home office is small, try this storage trick, but instead of using up the entire floor to ceiling space, take your storage just half way up. Keeping the top half of the room open will help it feel bigger and airy, plus you can use the top of your storage unit as shelving to style with decorative items and add your own personal touch. 

26. Create Privacy with Shutters

If your office is overlooked, planning your window treatments and increasing privacy is a must. Avoid using curtains or blinds, as this will block out the natural light as well as your view. Being able to see out while you’re working, as well as having access to lots of natural light will help you stop feeling sleepy come mid-afternoon.

The best way to ensure you have privacy without completely concealing your view outwards and letting the natural light in is shutters. They can be costly, but they will be well worth the investment. In addition, shutters are timeless and will only add value to your home.

27. Make Use of Wall Space

Image Credit:

Keep clutter off the floor and make use of the wall space you have available. In adding open shelving to your office space, you can help maximise the space you have while also making your home office look bigger and airy. In choosing open shelving instead of bulky pieces of furniture, your eye will be drawn to the span of the floor space and will also be able to see the back of each and every wall, which makes the space look and feel bigger.

 A corner is a great space to add lots of storage for books and files, as well as stationary and decorative items to make your home office super stylish. 

28. Add a Magnetic Blackboard

A blackboard might sound a bit old school, but dark and moody paint colours are extremely on trend. Adding a magnetic blackboard to your home office might be easier than you think - this is a great home office idea on a budget. All you need is a magnetic black paint, which is readily available, and to tape off a section of wall in your office. Paint the wall, and once dry you’re ready to pin inspirational images, notes and more to your wall using magnets. 

29. Create a Space that’s Easy to Switch up

If you love changing your spaces for the seasons, why not do the same in your office? We all need a bit of a refresh every now and then, and when you’re spending all year in your home office, it helps mentally to see the space change as the year changes. 

This home office décor trick is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Try investing in a few low cost pieces that are easy to swap out - try linen cushions in the summer, and swap for velvets in the winter. A jute rug works well in warmer months, but try swapping it for a fluffy Berber rug in the winter. Simple things like changing your diffuser to match the seasons works well too.

As you can see, there are so many home office ideas to choose from. When it comes to your home office decor, focus on what inspires you to create a space that’s a joy to work in every day.

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  • Posted On: 2 November 2020

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