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How To Stop Rugs From Curling - Advice From The Experts

Placing down that new rug is an amazing feeling but when the corners start to curl it can start to become frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to resolve the issue.

In this blog post, we'll outline the most effective methods for stopping rugs from curling so that you can enjoy your rug without having to worry about them constantly flipping up at the ends.

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Option 1: Invest in Rug Tape

Using rug tape is a simple and effective method to keep your corners down once they’ve started curling. All you need to do is apply tape to the corners of the rug and it will hold the corners down until the tape loses its stickiness. Rug tape also has a second purpose and will stop the rug from moving when you walk on it.

When using this method, you need to be careful as the wrong tape could damage the fibres of your rug and leave a sticky residue.

Option 2: Use Ice

This is probably one of the easiest options to use because once it is set up all you have to do is wait.

Get an object that is small but heavy enough to keep the rug flat, like a pint glass and place it on the corner of the rug that is curling. Then place a few ice cubes around the object and wait for the ice cubes to melt. Once the ice cubes have melted your rug should lay flat.

Option 3: Anchor the Rug with Heavy Objects

Placing heavy objects on the rug, such as a sofa or a phonebook, will help the rug to lie flat. Get your heavy objects and place them in the corners that are causing a problem. I recommend that you leave the heavy objects on your rug for at least 3 days. If you are unable to wait 3 days then I recommend temporarily rearranging your furniture so that the furniture can lie on the corners and flatten the rug.

Option 3: Turn the Rug Over for a Short Time

An easy way to uncurl corners is to flip the rug over and lie it flat to undo the curls. While the rug is flipped, make sure you don’t walk on it so it might be wise to move it to a spare room if possible. The amount of time you’ll need to leave the rug varies from rug to rug but this method is the easiest and very effective. 

Option 4: Iron the Rug (Last Resort)

I don’t recommend using this method as there’s a higher chance of damaging your rug so if you do this we don’t accept any liability.

The most important rule for this is, NEVER place your iron directly onto the rug. Doing so could lead to the rug becoming scorched, melted or damaged in general.

What you’ll need to do is get a white towel or washcloth and wet it. Once it’s wet place the towel/washcloth onto the curl. Place the iron on top of the towel/washcloth for 30 seconds to a minute. Keep repeating till the curl has flattened.

  • Posted On: 22 July 2022

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