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How To Stop Rugs Moving On Carpet - Advice From The Experts

Do you ever stop and think to yourself, 'How can I stop my Rug from moving on my carpet?' If you do, then you're in the right place because we're going to give you the best tips and tricks to stop that from happening. There are plenty of ways to stop your rug from moving but a lot of them aren’t long-term solutions or could damage your rug.

In this blog post, we will give you some handy tips and tricks to stop your rugs from moving/slipping on your carpet which, firstly, will actually work! And secondly, will not break the bank. First, though, we need to understand one thing. We need to understand why our rugs move on our carpet in the first place.

Why Do Rugs Move on Carpet?

There's one simple reason that rugs move on the carpet, it is down to the weight of our feet when we walk on the rug. Think about it, your carpet has a pile (so does your rug) and that carpet's pile will move with foot impact. It doesn't need to be human feet either, the weight of a dog or even a cat moving on the carpet will cause the pile to move.

When a rug is placed on a carpet, this pile movement is transferred to the rug, causing the rug to move around. When carpets are installed, they are generally installed with the pile facing the front door (for aesthetics). This would explain why your rug seems to move towards the door when you step on it. Don't worry yourself, your rug isn't trying to run away. It still loves you!

Generally, the longer your pile is the more it will move around as well.

Now we get to the part you've been waiting for, tips for how to actually keep your rugs from moving on the carpet! Within the tips as well, we'll also give you a little breakdown giving you the information in terms of cost, effectiveness and longevity!

Use an Anti-Slip Rug

An anti-slip rug is one of the best solutions to stop your rug from moving around and bunching up on your carpet. An anti-slip rug can vary between £19.99-£49.99 depending on the size but they’re worth every penny. All you need to do is place down the anti-slip rug and place your rug on top of it and it’ll work its magic. You can purchase an anti-slip rug here!

  • Cost: Medium

  • Effectiveness: High

  • Ease of Installation: Very Easy

  • Damage Risk: Low

  • Longevity: Long-Term Solution

  • Equipment Needed: Scissors

Use your Furniture as an Anchor

This one may seem quite obvious but using furniture can be a nice cheap solution. It won’t stop your rug from moving completely but it will help pin it into place. You can place multiple pieces of furniture onto the carpet to decrease the movement of the rugs.  We don’t recommend you use this technique where there will be a lot of moving furniture as this could leave lines in the rug and lead to the rug lifting.

  • Cost: Low

  • Effectiveness: High

  • Ease of Installation: Easy

  • Damage Risk: Low to Medium

  • Longevity: Long-Term

  • Equipment Needed: Nothing

Use Rug Tape

Using rug tape is an effective and simple solution to stop your rug from moving. All you need to do is apply the tape to the edges of the rug and place it on your carpet. Since the tape is an adhesive, the rug will stay in place till it loses its stickiness. Rug tape is especially useful for rugs when the corners start to rise and curl.

We recommend you get an anti-slip rug instead as the wrong tape can ruin the fibres of your rug and carpet and leave a sticky residue.

  • Cost: Low

  • Effectiveness: Medium to High

  • Ease of Installation: Easy

  • Damage Risk: Medium

  • Longevity: Short-Term

  • Equipment Needed: Rug Tape

Install rug gripper

According to the house builders from Proficiency Bespoke, a less commonly known solution to keep your rugs in place on the carpet is the use of a rug gripper. This solution is especially effective for smaller and lighter rugs. You can attach one side of the strip to the bottom of your rug and the other side to the carpet. This will keep your rug in place and prevent it from slipping and sliding.

  • Cost: Low

  • Effectiveness: High (especially for lighter rugs)

  • Ease of Installation: Easy

  • Damage Risk: Low

  • Longevity: Medium

  • Equipment Needed: Rug gripper strips, Scissors, Adhesive (optional)

For more information check out these handy tips and tricks from Simonian.

  • Posted On: 13 January 2022

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