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Kids Rugs - Time to Play

Thank goodness that the old adage ‘children should be seen and not heard’ has been consigned to the history dustbin. Making noise is what kids are all about and there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing them laughing and getting on with the business of playing, learning and having fun. 

In this guide, we explore the importance of kids play and offer some ways to facilitate valuable playtime for your child. 

The Importance of Play

Playing with your kids isn’t just great fun, it also delivers great benefits and helps with early development.

When children play they get the opportunity to use their creativity and apply their imagination to new and exciting situations. The active nature of play also helps children to develop dexterity, physical strength and emotional intelligence. 

Regular playtime can help with brain development and improve everything from social and intellectual skills to language development and problem-solving.

Lastly, getting the opportunity to play helps children link positive emotions with a place or person. For example, if you regularly play with your children in a specific room, they will start to link that space with feelings of being happy and entertained.

Ways to Play 

Play is all about finding new and interesting ways to interact with the world. Children can do this by playing with others such as their parents or by playing on their own, using their imagination to have fun.

Playing with your child can be a fantastic way to bond with them. This could include:

  • Singing to or with your child

  • Bouncing your child on your knee

  • Talking to or with your child

  • Dancing with your child

  • Both playing with toys and combining your imaginations 

Children can also play on their own. There are many benefits to this, especially during early development as ‘tummy time’ (playing on their tummy) can help build upper body strength. 

Self-play could involve:

  • Using kids play rugs 

  • Self play with toys 

  • Solo walking, crawling or dancing in a safe environment

Playing with Kids Rugs 

Kids do need a bit of separate space to play and whilst their own bedroom is the ideal place for those who are a little bit older, it’s still easy to delineate a play space in family rooms for closer supervision of young kiddies and tiny tots, with the simple use of kids rugs.

Kids rugs represent a physically warm and welcoming foundation for essential floor play, and importantly, the starting point for firing up a child’s imagination. Kiddies love adventure - think back to when you were a kid and the fun you had with your toys and exploring your environment - you may even have had a play or activity mat of your own that you loved playing on. 

Nowadays there are a huge variety of themed kids’ rugs available offering even greater scope for opening up opportunities for imaginary play and exploration. Let them travel into the unknown with space travel rugs, or discover the thrills of whizzing cars and towing trucks. For the really brave, sit with dinosaurs or challenge pesky swashbuckling pirates in search of treasure. 

Nature-based and colourful picture rugs can be the inspiration for art-based activities, whilst fantasy castles and heart-shaped rugs will absorb girlie girls’ playtime. We also have rugs for sports for baby Beckham football fans and Union Jacks for proud and patriotic boys and girls alike. 

For our tiny, toothless treasures, nursery animals and paw print soft pile rugs allow these cute, roly-poly babies to experience the sight of bright colours and the touch of tactile surfaces, whilst kicking and being cuddled in comfort.

Rugs for kids’ rooms should be treated like toys. You can effortlessly add variety to your kid’s playtime by rotating between rugs and swapping recently used rugs for a new opportunity for adventure.

Simply swap out your current rug by rolling it up and storing it neatly for future use. That way, there is always something different to stimulate and entertain kids. 

Best of all, kids play rugs are perfect for self-play. This means that busy, often exhausted, parents can get a bit of well deserved ‘me time’ whilst their kids happily play away. So go ahead, let the kid’s imagination run riot with a rug - it’s good for you and for them.

Time to Play

Kids play is great for brain and body development. From interacting with others to using their own imagination for self-play, there are lots of options to get your kiddies playing, laughing and having fun. Using a mixture of these methods will help you keep your little loved ones engaged and challenge them in different ways. 

Using a kid’s rug can help spark their imagination and facilitate countless hours of play. It can also help you with a much-deserved break. 

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration you can check out our extensive range of fun, bright and vibrant kids rugs here.

  • Posted On: 18 September 2013

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