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What Makes a Perfect Dining Room Rug?

Searching for a dining room rug that is stylish yet still practical can be difficult at the best of times. 

If the rug is too small in size it can cause a tripping hazard and can cause the chairs to tip over. If a rug is fluffy or shaggy it can collect every crumb dropped and get in the way when moving chairs in and out from under the table. With all these factors to take into account, you can now understand why picking a rug for your dining room isn’t the easiest decision to make. 

But worry not, here at Land of Rugs we are experts in selecting the best rug for any scenario and location within your home. In this article, we offer your our top 5 tips for finding the very best rugs to elevate your dining space.

1. Size Matters

We always advise our customers that bigger is definitely better in terms of finding a dining room rug. You should allow at least 25 inches of extra room on each of the sides to ensure that there is adequate room to pull the chairs out and reduce any tripping hazard. 

Simply measure a 25 inch border around your existing dining room table and chairs to check that the dimensions fit well within the room. Of course, in smaller rooms, a 25-inch border around your table isn’t always an option - in these cases, work out the biggest sized rug you can possibly fit without running into any issues such as not being able to fully open the door. 

In very large rooms, you may opt for a much larger rug. This can help make the room feel cosier and draw attention to the table. Another benefit of this approach is that a soft rug can help limit noise in a potentially echoey room - perfect for those high energy dinner parties and family meals. 

2. Pick a Flat Weave

There are several reasons why a flat weave rug is almost always the best option for a dining room. The first of these reasons is the high likeliness of spillages. Flat weave rugs are typically easier to clean and maintain than other options with a deeper pile. 

A flat weave will also help to keep furniture such as your table and chairs stable and balanced. Deeper piles can be problematic when it comes to you and your guests trying to pull out and push in their chairs, creating unneeded resistance. 

As you will be looking for a rug that spans wider than the table itself, a lower profile flat weave rug can also help to limit potential issues such as the door becoming stuck once the rug is put down. 

Shaggy rugs are great, but they are well worth keeping for other areas such as the bedroom or living room.

3. Stick to the Same Shape

When shopping for a dining room rug you will notice that there are several shapes to choose from - knowing which one best suits your needs can be tricky. Below we outline a few simple rules to follow. 

If you have a circular dining room table, it is best to stick to square or circular rugs. However larger tables that are rectangular or oval in shape suit rectangular-shaped rugs better. Whereas square tables mostly suit square rugs. 

Of course, in some circumstances, you can find a great looking rug that doesn’t stick to these rules. This is especially true if you can get the perfect dimensions. 

4. Pick the Right Materials

Material plays a big part in the durability of your rug. Although natural materials such as wool can be luxurious, they are typically harder to clean and more likely to hold dirt and grime. Man-made materials such as polypropylene tend to be harder wearing and much easier to clean. 

Some rugs will also come with specialist built-in protection which can make them resistant to the inevitable spills and accidents that occur at a dining table. Whatever rug material you go for, keeping some quality cleaning kit such as stain remover to hand can help you maintain the quality of your rug over a much longer period of time. 

With dining room rugs, we would always recommend choosing a rug made from a synthetic material such as polypropylene or polyester. We have a range of washable rugs on our website, made from 100% synthetic materials so they are completely safe to be placed in a washing machine to remove any stains that have appeared on the rugs.

5. Find a Suitable Colour

Rugs come in all sorts of different colours and patterns. A big part of picking the right one for you comes down to personal taste. However, there are also a few things worth considering from a design and particle point of view. 

Firstly, ask yourself whether you want a rug that makes a statement. If so, then exploring options that include bold colours and vibrant designs is the best route. 

However, if you are looking for a rug that will complement a minimalist or muted room then more simple shades are a better option. Alternatively, in this scenario, you may also want to combine simplistic colours with more complex patterns such as a Persian style rug for a more sophisticated look. 

From a practical standpoint opting for a darker coloured rug can help hide any little accidents that occur over time.  

The Perfect Dining Room Rug: Summary 

Picking the perfect dining room rug is no small undertaking. In this article, we have given you the five most important aspects to consider when it comes to finding the best rug for your own individual needs. 

However, it is crucial that you find a rug that you love and that helps you create the dining room style that you are looking for. Combine the tips in this guide with your own personal tastes to ensure that you find a rug that is both practical and stunning. 

You can browse our full range of rugs now - you are sure to find one that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Posted On: 10 January 2022

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