The kitchen is a place for many activities from baking to frying to washing up. In other words, kitchen can be a haven for mess, especially spillages, crumbs and grease. Keeping the kitchen looking spick and span can often be a tedious task, even more so if kids and animals are added into the equation. So, would a rug be a good idea to incorporate into your kitchen. Let’s look at the pros and cons...


Firstly, the positives go as follows...

Design - rugs are an excellent way  of adding colour and texture to an otherwise quite bland living area. Kitchen floors tend to be a neutral shade, so adding a rug can give you that pop of colour that your kitchen needs. It is also good to tie this colour in with your existing kitchen accessories.

Comfort - A lot of time can be spent in the kitchen, therefore a cosy rug could feel amazing underfoot.

Secondly, there are some cons...

Mess  - this is inevitable in any kitchen. Crumbs and bacteria can get harvested in the weave of a rug and this might be difficult to clean effectively.

Slip hazard - Laying a rug on any hard floor increasing the likelihood of it slipping around, which can be a big hazard when cooking or carrying boiling water or objects. Although, this can be avoided by purchasing an anti-slip underlay to stop this from happening.

If you do choose to invest in a rug for your kitchen, it is important to select the right one. Style is very important, but the material in plays a big factor too. Some textures are much tougher to clean than others.

Rug material - this is an a crucial component to consider. For example, having a wool rug in the kitchen will be very hard to clean properly without damaging the texture. When looking for the best kitchen rug we would suggest selecting ones with made from a synthetic material such as polypropylene as this is easy to maintain and regularly clean.

Length of the pile - we would suggest that a flatweave rug rather than a rug with a thick pile. The longer the pile, the harder it is to clean. Check out our collection of flatweave rugs that would be perfect for any kitchen.