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The Full Guide to Sheepskin Rugs

Not only are they beautiful and timeless, sheepskin rugs offer so many benefits, and are surprisingly easy to take care of. From large rugs that will warm up hardwood floors, to smaller sheepskins that can be draped over armchairs and other pieces of furniture to add softness, sheepskin rugs are wonderfully versatile and will add that desirable Scandi look and feel. 

Introducing Texture…

Texture in the home is really important. Without a variety of textures, everything appears a little flat and one dimensional, which makes for a fairly uninspiring space. Texture comes in all shapes and sizes, from the shine of hard metal to the softness of natural wood, texture can be added through the use of a variety of materials and finishes. 

In an area suited to lounging around, a sheepskin rug will provide optimal cosiness and comfort. The soft fibres of this type of rug almost attract people to take their shoes off and experience the texture underfoot.

Adding a sheepskin rug into a room adds another source of texture to that space. If you have wooden flooring and interiors. A sheepskin rug is a great way to add extra warmth into a living area.

Scandi Style…

Sheepskins are synonymous with Scandinavian style décor, but actually they work well in a number of interior styles. Scandi interior design is all about embracing natural materials and using texture to add interest, instead of colour. Typically using a neutral palette, elements such as sheepskin rugs will add interest and softness to a space, which may have otherwise felt stark and clinical. Scandi homes use sheepskins on floors and drape over furniture. If you’re creating a Scandinavian style home, don’t be afraid to use more than one sheepskin in the same space. Try a large grey sheepskin on the floor, and natural-colour sheepskins draped on armchairs. 


Incorporating a sheepskin rug into a room is a guaranteed way to make a statement. No two rugs look exactly the same, each varying slightly in dimension and colour. 

When you are considering a sheepskin rug, try and picture all the ways that you could use it. While the most common use could be placing it on the floor, another option is placing it over your sofa or on a chair as a throw. The minute you do that, an air of luxury is created. Another great use is doubling the sheepskin rug up as a blanket. The softness of the rug makes it the perfect blanket and helps trap the heat in during those colder months.

Wool Benefits…

Wool is a brilliant material to use in the home, as it offers many benefits. Not only is it super warm, it’s also hypoallergenic and really soft, making it great for family homes. Wool is also sustainable, as it typically only uses one eighth of the energy to make compared to that used in creating synthetic materials. As a natural material, it’s biodegradable and renewable.  

Naturally stain resistant and shed-free, a wool rug is actually easier to look after than you might realise. Sheepskin rugs just need a little TLC to keep it looking and feeling great for years to come. 

Sheepskin Rug Maintenance Tips…

Although they look very delicate, these type of rugs can actually be washed. Keeping your sheepskin clean and maintained is a simple as hanging it up in the fresh air. Doing this allows the lanolin in the rug to be activated, triggering its self-cleaning abilities. If you happen to spill something on this type of rug, use a damp cloth or sponge to quickly wipe it up.

  • Posted On: 11 March 2016

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