There are some excellent advantages to having sheepskins rug in your home. This addition can be used in a number of different settings and is a great way of including a soft to touch texture into your living space. Another benefit of purchasing a sheepskin rug is it ability to be easily maintained and cleaned. At Land of Rugs we have a large range of sheepskin and fur rugs available.


Incorporating a sheepskin rug into a room is a guaranteed way of make a statement. No two rugs look exactly the same, each varying slightly in dimensions.

When you are considering a sheepskin rug, try and picture all the ways that you could use it. While the most common use could be placing it on the floor, another option is placing it over your sofa or on a chair as a throw. The minute you do that, an air of luxury is created.

Another great use is doubling the sheepskin rug up as a blanket. The softness of the rug makes it the perfect blanket and helps trap the heat in during those colder months.


In an area suited to lounging around, a sheepskin rug will provide optimal cosiness and comfort. The soft fibres of this type of rug almost attract people to take their shoes off and experience the texture underfoot.

Adding a sheepskin rug into a room adds another source of texture to that space. If you have wooden flooring and interiors. a sheepskin rug is a great way to add extra warmth into a living area.


Although they look very delicate, these type of rugs can actually be washed. Keeping your sheepskin clean and maintained is a simple as hanging it up in the fresh air. Doing this allows the lanolin in the rug to be activated, triggering its self-cleaning abilities. If you happen to spill something on this type of rug, use a damp cloth or sponge to quickly wipe it up.

A small rug can be machined washed, using a gentle cycle and a lukewarm water temperature to clean it. If you do decide to machine wash your rug, select a washing detergent that is recommended for wool. Try and avoid using any product containing soap enzymes as this will damage the texture of the rug.

Once the rug has been washes, it is also recommended that you should rinse it thoroughly several times in lukewarm water. Leave it to dry but not in direct sunlight. Once dry, you should use a hard wire brush to fluff up the fibres and get it looking great again.