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The Area Rug Rules You Should Be Following

Here at Land of Rugs we often get asked the same question: What size rug do I need?

This question comes up time and time again as there are simply so many different options and differing opinions on what size area rug is best for a certain space.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to offer you some established ‘rules’ that will assist you in determining what size rug will provide you with the visual effect you desire in any room of your home.

So, if you have been scratching your head over what sized rug would be perfect a fit for a certain space in your home - read on!

Rule #1: Front Legs On, Back Legs Off

This is a popular choice for living rooms and dining rooms that make use of chairs, sofas and other furniture. As the name suggests this option is where you place the front legs of a sofa on the rug whilst the back legs rest on the floor not touching the rug.

The approach connects the various different pieces of furniture together and creates a sense of good proportion. It is especially useful if you have a beautiful rug that is slightly too small to fill the whole room - as it will make it seem larger than it really is. Genius!

One slight variation on this rule is ‘front legs off, back legs on’. This is becoming a more popular option as open-plan living spaces become more common. By having the majority of the rug to the back of the sofa, this approach can be used to create a seamless flow from other areas of an open plan space into the living space.

For example, if you have one large living space that includes a kitchen, dining and living space, you can use this approach to blend the kitchen/diner into the living space by having your rug in both areas.

Rule #2: All Legs On

This approach again is pretty self-explanatory. All of your furniture should be sitting on the rug completely - with all four (or more) legs. By doing this it helps draw the eye, creating a focal point and dedicated living room space by pulling the room together.

This works especially well with large area rugs that cover most of the floor as you will be able to take advantage of the space available. It can be a struggle with smaller rugs as it requires you to pull all your furniture into one space - which, even if you are able to do, can look a little strange and very cramped, especially when used in a large room.

This approach also works very well in dining spaces and can help draw the eye when used with a bed in a large bedroom.

Rule #3: All Legs Off

You don’t always have to place furniture on rugs. Sometimes using a rug in isolation can be a fantastic way to make a statement - this is especially true when your rug features bright colours and complex, bold patterns.

Typically this approach works well in large rooms where you easily place your rug in the centre of the room with plenty of space for furniture around it. It is also ideal for those of us who find a rug that is so stunning that we simply cannot bring ourselves to cover any part of it.

Top Tip: Layer Your Rugs

So, in this section, we will not be focusing strictly on area rug rules. Instead, we are going to give you a top tip for making your rug work within your space regardless of the size or layout.

Applying rug layering can help you create a flexible visual impact. For example, if you may use layering to combine ‘Rule #1: Front legs on, back legs off (+ Front legs off, back legs on)’ with ‘Rule #3: All legs off’ by placing one smaller rug under the front legs of a sofa, which is then layered onto or under a larger central rug with no furniture on.

Similarly, you may use one rug to sit a piece of furniture on, then layer another rug under the front legs to create a feeling of luxurious depth and to add further warmth to the space.

Area Rug Rules: Summary

Area rugs are a fantastic addition to practically any space. Knowing how to use your area rug will make it easier to create stunning spaces and will help you use them in a practical way.

Whichever rule you use from this guide, ensure that you use it consistently to achieve uniformity. For example, if you have a room with two sofas in and you decide to use ‘Rule #1’, make sure you use the same rule on the other sofa as well.

So, there you have it. You are now practically an area rug expert with 3 easy to follow rules under your belt - which will you be following in your space?

Whatever you decide, you are sure to find a rug that meets your needs from our huge selection.

  • Posted On: 10 January 2022

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