Here at Land of Rugs we often get asked the same question: ‘What size rug do I need?’ This question comes up time and time again as there are simply so many different options and differing opinions on what size area rug is best for a certain space. We think it is a good idea to be aware of some of the ‘rules’ that will assist you in determining what size rug will provide you with the visual effect you desire in the rooms of your home. Here we go:

Rule #1: Front legs on, back legs off

This is a popular choice for living rooms and dining rooms that make use of chairs and sofas, as the name suggests it is where you place the front legs of a sofa on the rug whilst the back legs rest on the floor not touching the rug.

The approach connects the various different pieces of furniture together and creates a sense of good proportion. It is especially useful if you have a beautiful rug that is slightly too small to fill the whole room - It will make it seem larger than it really is. Genius!Area rug - front on back off

Rule #2: All legs on

This approach again is pretty self explanatory - all your furniture should be sitting on the rug completely. By doing this it helps to create a focal point and dedicated living room space by pulling the room together. This works well with large area rugs that cover most of the floor as you will be able to take advantage of the space available rather that squash your furniture into one area. Dining rooms are also a great one to try this with.

Dining room rug

Rule #3: All legs off

Sometimes all you need to complete a room is to introduce a pop of colour, and what better way of achieving that than by adding a brightly coloured rug! Using this approach by where none of the furniture is touching the rug can work extremely well.Are rug - all off

Whichever ‘rule’ you go for consistency is key! If you have the sofa legs off the rug then make sure that any chair legs are also off and vice versa. Do you follow any of these rules in your home?