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Vacuuming your rug - top tips

Regular vacuuming is essential in maintaining your rug’s good looks and lifespan as ingrained dirt and grit can seriously damage rug fibres in addition to affecting colours and general appearance.

  • Use a vacuum with strong suction to penetrate the pile and remove particles

  • Vacuums with beater bars are not recommended for shaggy rugs, handmade rugs, wool rugs or rugs with fringes.

  • Cyclonic vacuums should be used with caution on some wool rugs, please ask if in doubt.

  • Keep vacuum brushes clean and look out for rough edges on the equipment which might damage the pile.

  • Wool rugs should be vacuumed (low suction, no beater bar) at least three times per week. N.B. All new wool rugs shed some fibres for several months, this is normal and will eventually stabilise overtime.

Some top tips for vacuuming your rug:

  1. Vacuum in both directions. If you only vacuum your rug in one direction you risk missing a lot of the dirt and grit which is easily picked up by simply changing the angle.

  2. Empty your vacuum before it gets too full. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner with a bag, you’ll need to empty the bag before it gets overfilled and loses suction. This way you’ll avoid wasted vacuuming time and keep your new rug clean more easily.

  3. Don’t rush! Whilst running the vacuum quickly over your new rug seems like it does the job, in reality it’s better to take your time. Those bits of grit and dirt might take a bit of coaxing.

  4. Vacuum before your rug is visibly dirty. This is a good way to keep the dirt and dust from causing damage to the fibers of your rug and you will be able to keep the rug clean with much less effort than if you leave it too long.

  • Posted On: 16 August 2016

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