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What Colour Walls Go With Brown Furniture

Brown furniture tends to have a bad name for being boring and dull, but with the right colour scheme, brown is a very stylish colour. The secret to making your brown pieces of furniture work is to choose complimentary paint colours for your walls. So whether you’ve got a gorgeous mahogany table or fell in love with a brown modular sofa, these tips will help you create a gorgeous room.

Choosing an Ideal Colour Scheme

Brown is a neutral colour and due to it being neutral, it can be a very versatile colour to have in your home.  This gives brown unique characteristics that you will struggle to find in other colours but bear in mind combining any 2 shades of colours will produce different results. So, whether you want a contrasting colour scheme or a matching one, here are some tips to help you choose.

Deep Green

One of my personal favourite colours to match with dark brown furniture is a deep green colour. The earthy tones match together perfectly creating a warm inviting environment while also being different enough to offset the furniture so it isn’t blending into your background leaving it as the beautiful focal point.

Slight Off-White

White, although basic, is a beautiful colour to contrast with brown. White can help brighten a room which also helps the brown to pop against the light background. Pure white has a boldness that takes away from the warmth created by the brown so using the softer, off-white tone helps create a warm contrast in your room.


Using blues is a great option as there are numerous blue shades that contrast beautifully with brown. Using pale blues creates a bright canvas that adds a burst of colour to your room while creating a light and airy look.

When using darker blue tones, I try and use deep, rich blues as they contrast to create an elegant, inviting area to walk into. Using rich tones of blue creates a similar environment to using deep tones of green, which you can read further up.


Brown on brown is a great monochrome colour scheme to have in your home. When doing this make sure to use different shades of brown otherwise you risk the furniture blending into the paint colour taking away from your furniture’s beauty. Incorporating different shades of brown helps create a balanced, modern aesthetic.


Like blue, grey has multiple different shades that can be used with brown furniture. Lighter shades of grey act similar to an off-white colour, making the brown furniture pop against the grey background and creating a deep earthy accent.

When using darker shades of grey, you need to be aware of how the lighting in your room will affect how everything looks. Darker greys darken a room so the lighting in your room can have a great effect on how your furniture looks. This is a great look to have in your bedroom if you’re looking to create a dark, relaxing space.

  • Posted On: 17 October 2022

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