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What Is Boho Décor?

The Bohemian style, which is also known as Boho style, is an aesthetic that is created by colourful and eccentric items which are inspired by findings all across the globe. Boho décor features a mix of colourful patterns, furniture styles and asymmetrical layouts.

Elements of Boho Decor

Boho décor uses many different colour palettes so there’s multiple different colour schemes that suit this style. The colour schemes tend to be unexpected and bold and often saturated. This creates a lot of contrasting colour which will make each colour stand out separately. Our favourite colour palettes are:

  • Earth Tones such as navy, terracotta, rust and sage are just some of the colours that can create a rustic vibe with the ease of them being relatively neutral due to the softer nature of earth tones.

  • Golden hour colours such as pale gold, copper, picante and orange ochre are some colours that gives off a spicy twist with reddish-orange hues while the neutral browns soften the look of the room creating a warm atmosphere.

  • Pastel colours such as antique white, light coral, light steel blue and light sea green are some pastel colours add vibrancy to a room while still being soft colours that are easy on the eyes. Add some black to the colour scheme and the contrasting colours will pop and stand out more.

When it comes to Boho décor layered textures are very important. The layers add depth to your home and make the space more approachable. Use a mix of smooth and rough textures, hard and soft, chunky and thin.

The hard wood elements in the photo above create a naturally rugged element which contrast with the soft sofa creating an aesthetic which appeals to the eyes. The rug also contrasts with the neutral browns and white which adds colour to the space and naturally draws the eyes to it.

When it comes to the room layout, the bohemian style tends to be casual and asymmetrical. This creates a more laid-back environment which works with the nature of bohemian décor and creates a laid-back environment that will help you relax in your space.

When decorating, don’t feel like you have to stay with one style of furniture. The beautiful thing about boho décor is that you can mix and match and it will still look good and work with the layout of the room. The different things you choose will define the space, you could have furniture with clean, crisp lines or antique items which will create a traditional old school feel.  

Origins of Boho Décor

The bohemian style has been around for over 200 years, as an alternative to the current fashions of any given time. The style has been associated with actors, writers and artist since it has been around and it’s generally still associated with them today.

The style originated in France as a counterculture after the French revolution. After the French revolution the artists were no longer getting the support they used to get from the rich and wealthy so they were forced to live cheaply. When the economy started to stabilise artists went from used, worn-out clothes to eccentric clothes they used to express themselves and go against the classic styles.

This style was said to be similar to the way the nomadic gypsies dressed. These nomadic gypsies were from the Balkan area in a region called Bohemia. So, the word bohemian was developed and used to describe this new style movement.

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  • Posted On: 1 February 2022

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