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What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

Most people today are familiar with the concept of minimalism, which is a style of art that uses the smallest range of material and colours possible. Minimalist Interior Design is essentially the same, with designers using the bare essentials to create a simple and tidy space. It is characterised by its simplicity and usually has a monochromatic colour scheme. It is usually used in houses with open floor plans, lots of natural lighting and it focuses on the shape, colour and texture of the essential items.

Side Note: Did you know that minimalism doesn't just impact your home life, but your professional life too? Check out this amazing guide on minimalism at work.

Photo Credit: Richard Powers

Elements of Minimalism

The minimalist approach of focusing on the bare essentials is used to create a sense of freedom and relaxation since there’s excessive decorating cluttering up the room. Using the essential elements, you will create a simple space that blends beautifully into any setting. When decorating the room, you don’t want to go overboard so I suggest sticking with one piece of artwork on the wall or some beautiful plants on the windowsill.

Minimalism also focuses on clear and clean lines. This is achieved by using furniture with flat and smooth surfaces with strong, crisp lines which emphasises the simplicity in each item. You don’t want furnishings and accessories which are highly decorated instead you should focus on the simplicity and functionality of the object.

Clean and clear surfaces, bare walls with minimal artwork and photos and the elimination mess and clutter are essential in creating a minimalist space.  A typical minimalistic colour scheme would be a monochromatic colour scheme consisting of whites, greys and beiges.

Image Credit: Tim Waltman

Warm and Welcoming?

One of the biggest problems with minimalism is that when it’s not done right the room looks lifeless and loses its warm and welcoming look. When trying to add life to a room it’s a good idea to combine different shades of the monochromatic colour scheme. Another way to add warmth is to incorporate different textures into a room. Velvet cushion, soft rugs and drapes are all good ways to add some warmth into a room.

One common method of adding to the warmth and welcoming feel of a minimalist home is to ensure natural light can flow into the space at any time. One of the best ways to do this? Window shutters rather than curtains. Sure, curtains are amazing when it comes to keeping your home warm in those colder months, but they block out a lot of natural light too. Window shutters allow you to remain in control, at all times, of the amount of natural light coming into your space.

Where is Minimalism Popular?

In the interior design world minimalism is gaining popularity all over the world because of its sleek look and the cost it takes to build. Minimalism is the biggest in Scandinavian countries and Japan. In those countries products are designed to be attractive and functional not just an item to clutter up the house. They believe that physical goods should be an investment and not just something to buy for the sake of buying it.

Scandinavians have a word called ‘dostadning’ which is also known as ‘Swedish death cleaning’. This is the act of removing excess belongings from there home as they age so their family don’t have to deal with the burden of removing their things. This is a different type of minimalism that focuses on the long-term effects that material possessions have after one has died.   

In Japan they have a word called ‘mottainai’ which translates to ‘waste nothing’. It used as a reminder to not waste resources as resources on earth are only limited so they’re encouraged to reuse and repurpose items.

The philosophy of Zen Buddhism is also popular in Japan which encourages its followers not to become attached to material possessions and to focus on there own happiness so they naturally create a minimalistic living space.

Image Credit: Trevor Tondro

Rugs for Minimalist Home Styles

If you are looking for a new rug to suit your minimalist style, there are a wide array of rug styles available to you that would suit the minimalist look. From shaggy styles to Moroccan, designer styles to wool rugs. We have plenty of rugs to perfectly suit your minimalist home.

Moroccan Rugs for Minimalist Homes

The Moroccan style of rug is, arguably, perfectly suited for minimalist homes! Generally choosing muted colours like whites, off-whites and creams with minimal patterns, if you are looking for a rug to compliment your style without overpowering the other décor in your home, a Moroccan rug will be perfect for you!

View our range of Moroccan rugs here.

Wool Rugs for Minimalist Homes

Whilst this may be considered an "out there" option, there are plenty of wool rugs that compliment minimalist homes really, really well! The key here is to choose a wool rug with a low pile and avoiding a plush rug. Choose a muted colour, as explained above, and you will find a rug that perfectly compliments your home's minimalist look without overpowering the design and décor that you have in your space.

View our range of wool rugs here.

Designer Rugs for Minimalist Homes

Designer rugs are perfect for homes where the décor is set out in a minimalist way! There are designers out there like Calvin Klein, Katherine Carnaby and Ellora that give you stunning patterns without becoming the focal point of your interior.

View our range of designer rugs here.

Shaggy Rugs for Minimalist Homes

Depending on the style of shaggy rug you are looking for, there is a very good chance of finding a shaggy rug that looks perfect with your minimalist decoration! As above, you would be better suited choosing a muted colour like a white, off-white or cream rug. Ensure the rug you choose doesn't have too thick of a pile! Remember, a rug can be shaggy and comfortable whilst also not being overpowering!

View our range of shaggy rugs here.

  • Posted On: 24 January 2022

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