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What Is Scandinavian Décor?

Scandinavia is made up of 3 countries... Denmark, Norway and Sweden and these countries have had a heavy influence on interior design trends for years so its only right they get their own unique style.

Elements of Scandinavian Décor

Scandinavian Décor is beautiful and has managed to outlast a number of different trends. Scandinavian décor focus’ on clean, simple lines with a main focus on minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian décor gets its aesthetically pleasing looks from the lack of clutter, everything has a place and function. While it is similar to mid-century modern décor, Scandinavian décor tends to favour brighter, more open spaces in contrast to the darker colours in mid-century modern designs. A benefit from the neutral colour scheme is the calming presence it will bring since the human brain prefers easily identifiable patterns, the colour scheme will make you feel more relaxed.

The Scandinavian people love simplicity so they tend to have minimalistic tendencies. If there’s no function for an item they just won’t buy it (I imagine that saves a lot of money) but they still decorate their homes. They have a strong connection with nature so live plants are a very popular choice when it comes to decoration. They also tend to opt for lighter coloured wooden flooring that they leave uncovered.      

Scandinavian décor uses a neutral colour scheme that usually consists of bright whites with some greys, blacks and tans. This isn’t us saying that it should be a colourless void, you can play with different colours using accent pieces.

When it does come to colour, shades like grey-blue are popular as the colour doesn’t overpower the monochromatic scheme. Warmer tan colours work well due to the natural wood pieces in the home and other nature inspired colours, such as shades of green, are used frequently.

The winters in Scandinavian countries are brutal, so there’s a big element of warmth and cosiness in their homes. You can add warmth through things like throws, faux furs and shaggy rugs. These items work well with Scandinavian décor since they can be used as decorative items but also have a function which is to keep you warm.      

Where is Scandinavian Décor Popular?

Scandinavian décor has been around for a while now and it’s popular all over the world. Its obviously popular in the Scandinavian countries but it’s also popular in urban society. Urban society is busy and a lot of the time it’s quite stressful so coming back to a relaxing, clutter-free home leaves you feeling happy.  

If you're looking for tips on how to bring Scandinavian style into your home, check out this amazing guide from Bria Homes.

Where to Buy Scandinavian Décor-Related Products?

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  • Posted On: 31 January 2022

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