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Why Wool Rugs are Perfect for Children's Rooms

Children’s bedrooms can be really fun to decorate. Every parent and guardian wants to create a space where their children feel safe as well as inspired to learn and play. 

Picking the best furniture for a child’s room can be tricky - especially with so much choice. What type and size of bed do they need? How much storage for clothes and toys? Is a bookshelf safe? 

When it comes to the finer, yet important, details such as the type of rug to include in the room, you can end up exhausted and often just go for the first and easiest option. 

But there is a better way! We are here to help with our helpful guide. In it, we walk you through the aspects that must be considered when finding a rug for a child’s bedroom, with a special focus on why a wool rug might just be the best option for this scenario. 


There is no hiding from the fact that children can test the integrity of any item of furniture, including rugs. As their imaginations run wild and they burn up their countless reserves of energy by running around and playing -  if you want your furniture to survive you need to make sure it is highly resilient. 

This is where a wool rug can come into play. Wool is an incredibly durable material, the natural wave of the wool helps it to regain its shape quickly, so even after all those months under a cabinet or set of drawers, it will bounce back and still look great in appearance for many years to come.

Natural Stain Resistance and Soiling Ability

Children’s unbridled creativity means they are notorious for spilling things and generally being a bit messier than your average adult. Luckily, wool rugs offer a perfect solution to the occasional accidental spill and accident. 

With a wool rug you can be safe in the knowledge that the glass of orange juice your little one has just managed to spill on the rug or the grubby little fingers they enjoy working into it are highly unlikely to leave a permanent stain. However, we also recommend keeping a rug cleaning kit close to hand in order to blot any spills that occur -  you can find more wool rug cleaning advice here

INTERESTING FACT: Wool is able to resist stains due to the presence of lanolin in its fibres. It is a substance that can also be beneficial to skin and so children laying and sitting on wool rugs will also be protected.


Wool is one of the most durable fibres out there,  making it a great choice for areas of your home that get a lot of wear and tear such as a children’s room. 

Although wool rugs are typically a little more expensive than synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, you will generally get much more use out of them - this means they are fantastic value for money. In fact, wool rugs are so durable that even when your child is all grown up, that wool rug will still probably be going strong - meaning the same wool rug could go into their children's bedrooms as well. 

Easy Care

All rugs need a level of love and care to remain looking their best, although some materials need much more than others. When a rug is placed in a busy area and is subjected to regular spills and dirt, such as those placed in a children’s bedroom - regular maintenance becomes essential. 

For the most part, a regular clean with a vacuum is all you need to keep your wool rug in tip-top condition. Regularly doing this, alongside other less frequent maintenance will keep the rug in great condition - this is important for a children's room as it means less time spent cleaning it and more time to play!


A big benefit of a wool rug in a child’s room is the added warmth and comfort it adds. Not only can this help a room feel more luxurious, but it also means the child will feeler safer and more comfortable in that space - letting them focus on important things, like which toy to play with next.

This added level of comfort is especially good for young children who are still crawling as the wool rug underneath them will not irritate their skin.


The brilliant thing about using a wool rug in a child’s room is the fact that the fibre's surface will hold fine dust until vacuumed which helps to reduce floating allergens in the atmosphere. In addition to this, wool does not give off harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria, making it a safe surface for children to play on. 

Unlike some other materials, wool is also not a food source for dust mites, so limits their ability to feed and reproduce - further making the surface suitable for children to use. 

Wool Rugs: Best for Children’s Rooms 

It is clear that wool rugs can be a little more expensive than some other materials. Although synthetic materials may be enticing due to their affordability, the extra durability that wool offers can actually make them much better value for money. 

Plus, wool rugs offer several other benefits that make them perfect for children’s rooms such as their resistance to stains, their safe nature and their ability to remain looking great whatever you throw at them.

  • Posted On: 10 January 2022

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