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Winter Warmers: Why you should Revamp with Warm Rugs

It is always sad to witness the disappearance of warm and sunny months. We’ve been able to fling windows open, pad around the house in bare feet on cool floors and sip our ice-cool drinks - it truly has been wonderful! Especially in 2021, when things have officially started to open up, post Pandemic, and we have been able to do more activities and see more of our loved ones again. Truly a blissful time.

Even so, there is a great joy to be found in the autumn and winter months. Autumn is a spectacularly colourful kaleidoscope of a season to enjoy and proper indoor preparation for glorious winter, that glistening, ice spangled end of every year can truly make it the season to be jolly. 

Rugs can be the Ultimate Winter Warmers

The easiest way to cheer up the home and make it more welcoming on cold, grey days and dark nights is to introduce rugs; they do the trick every time. They instantly give a warm appearance to hard floors and choice of rug design, colour, material and location can influence cosy, smart or glamorous looks to any space in the home.

Winter is simply not the time to be walking on bare floors however good they look. In colder months chilly floors make you feel cold from the feet up even with the central heating on, but rugs can trap heat, making your harder floor feel a lot warmer than it really is when you place your feet down onto a wonderful high-quality rug.

Picking a Winter Rug 

Under-floor heating is a luxury many can’t afford but even if you can, there’s nothing more comforting to the feet than the soft surface of a luxurious rug underfoot. Even fully carpeted homes can benefit from shaggy rugs used to brighten up, increase warmth and add interest to plain carpeting.

Another feature of rugs is that they help to reduce the hollow sound of rooms and also minimise noise levels in the home. Winter weather drives the family indoors together for most of the time and whilst it’s nice to hear music, chatter, laughter and TV filling the separate spaces, the impact of sound and footfalls is much more muted with rugs.  

Picking a Material 

There are countless materials available when deciding which rug is going to make for the cosiest, warmest and most practical addition to your home. Here are a few things to consider. 

If you are looking for the best rug material for keeping your feet warm and insulating your home from cold floors, then a wool rug could be the best option for you. Nothing beats a thick wool rug for sinking your toes into after a long, cold day. 

Wool rugs also have added benefit of being sustainable, hardwearing and hypoallergenic. 

However, wool can be a little more expensive and difficult to maintain. For example, you cannot typically machine wash most wool rugs. Instead, if you are looking for something more practical then a thick rug made from cotton or polypropylene are easier to keep clean at home and can be suitable for areas that are more often trodden.  

When it comes to caring for your rug it is crucial that you always read the manufacturers instructions and follow them carefully. 

Picking a Texture

Deciding the material is really just the start of finding a rug that meets your winter warming needs. Most materials can be used in different ways to give different looks and feels. 

Rugs with soft, woolly, silky or shiny piles are tactile to the touch and very inviting. So when the whole family is together in one space and seating is limited, these types of rugs are always very popular for lounging on. 

Going for a slightly thicker rug also brings insulating properties, which is especially important on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile and wooden floors when it is cold. You may even decide to layer rugs in order to create a bohemian style whilst adding extra insulating layers. 

Picking a Colour 

Once you know which material you are going to use, it is time to pick the colour of your winter warmer rug. Of course, a lot of things come into play here. 

Firstly, you need to consider the room it is going in. What shades are in the room that you can pick out and use in the rug? Or what colour might compliment the overarching theme of the room? 

As long as your room is decorated how you like it, considering the style of your room will also help you ensure that the colour of the rug matches your personal preferences and will make you feel great every time you see it. 

When using rugs to add warmth to a room, it isn’t just the material that will help you feel cosy. Try to find a warm tone that also matches your style. For example, adding oranges, reds and browns can add a warm feel to any room. 

Cosier Winters with Rugs 

It is clear that rugs can add a lot of warmth to your home with little effort. From the visually warming impact of picking the right colours to the comfort of a thick pile underfoot and even the insulating barrier between you and the floor, rugs really are a winter saviour. 

The most beautiful thinking about revamping your home with rugs this winter is just how easy it is to roll them up and tuck them away when the season changes and warmer days arrive again.  

Banish the winter gloom and feel snug as a bug in a rug this winter with a beautiful warm rug from Land of Rugs.

  • Posted On: 24 November 2021

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