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Zoning with large rugs

Zoning is a tried and tested method of dividing spaces to achieve individual character and purpose. In living spaces it offers great flexibility for designing and decorating in a contemporary context, whilst incorporating individual style and taste from any period. It comes into its own perfectly in open plan settings where lounge, dining, kitchen and conservatory areas are combined. Equally, in homes with reduced open plan spaces, for example, lounge and dining or kitchen and dining combinations where integration has been used to maximise available space, a benefit of zoning with large rugs is that it can effectively turn a space into classy comfort zones that are hard to leave.

Separating physical spaces into zones generally makes them more interesting and the use of themes is helpful. Zones can be unified with visual links through the selective use of soft furnishings, wallpaper, paint, prints etc. However, an alternative to visual coordination of themes is the introduction of contrasting furnishings, decor, and even floor materials such as wood or tiles to give a more discreet and individual feel.

Rugs should suit the desired mood for different zones and also be functional. Flatweaves made of polypropylene are ideal for kitchen areas. They have no pile so trip hazard is reduced; they are also hardwearing and spills and stains from cooking and breakfast bars can be easily blotted away. Rugs in kitchen areas look trendy and reduce the clinical look common to many modern kitchens, whilst at the same time warming cold floors.

A versatile way to set the stage – and tables too – for elegant daily dining is to zone using fabulous polypropylene rugs to create dining islands. There are masses of good looking polypropylene rugs available and the yarn is very durable and stain resistant, making the low cut pile varieties in particular, ideal for positioning under dining tables and chairs. However, where looks are preferred to functionality, long pile polypropylene and wool rugs, especially the shaggy varieties, make stunning dining islands.

Wool rugs tend to pile more quickly under furniture, but as luxury accessories for lounge and relaxation spaces, they are really great for placing between sofas and corner sofas to transform the space into inviting, sumptuously soft zone blocks with a modern edge.

  • Posted On: 29 July 2016

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