Luxmi Rugs

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Featuring a striking range of unusual and eye catching designs, the Luxmi Rugs collection is an award-winning range. Highlighted because of its innovative design and premium quality, this collection includes a variety of both contemporary and more traditional styles.

Great attention to detail and beautiful materials makes the Luxmi range stand out from the crowd. With designs in muted palettes and bolder tones, finding the perfect style to suit your scheme is made easy. Perfect for use on hardwood floors, this range will add instant warmth in high-end design.

Luxmi by Flair Rugs are highly sought after, and it’s clear to see why. Flair Rugs are committed to their craft, and have years of experience creating exquisite rugs. There designs are made to be enjoyed, and can be found the homes of those that celebrate quality and on-trend design across the country. If you’re looking for a piece that’s beautiful and sophisticated, look no further than the Luxmi collection. If you love our Luxumi collection, you'll also love our Think Rugs.