High Line Rugs

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  1. High Line Blue Grey Wool Rug 5008 96 Wishlist Compare
  2. High Line Charcoal Wool Rug 3025 99 Wishlist Compare
  3. High Line Natural Wool Rug 3024 96 Wishlist Compare
  4. High Line Natural Wool Rug 2007 96 Wishlist Compare
  5. High Line Rug Grey 99749 6011 Wishlist Compare
  6. High Line Rug Charcoal Ivory 99749 3023 Wishlist Compare
  7. High Line Rug Taupe Chalk 99749 2006 Wishlist Compare
  8. High Line Rug Chalk 99131 6000 Wishlist Compare
  9. High Line Rug Grey 99131 3000 Wishlist Compare
  10. Highline Woolen Rug 6009 White Wishlist Compare
  11. High Line Woolen Rug 3021 Mid Grey Wishlist Compare
  12. High Line Woolen Rug 3020 Lt Grey Wishlist Compare
  13. High Line Woolen Rug 6006 Chalk Wishlist Compare
  14. High Line Woolen Rug 3013 Lt Grey Wishlist Compare
  15. High Line Woolen Rug 3018 Mid Grey Wishlist Compare
  16. High Line Woolen Rug 3017 Lt Grey Wishlist Compare
  17. High Line Woolen Rug 2005 Linen Wishlist Compare
  18. High Line Woolen Rug 3005 Light Grey Wishlist Compare
  19. High Line Woolen Rug 3004 Dark Grey Wishlist Compare

19 Items

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Available in 15 muted and contemporary styles, the High Line Rugs collection will add that all important finishing touch to your home. Made from 100% wool and flat woven, this quality collection feels high-end, yet adds a relaxed and chic finish. The mix of 60% New Zealand wool and 40% British wool makes this range really unique - it’s sure to be a talking point among friends and family.

The collection includes a variety of muted designs ranging from very simple styles to more eclectic with intricate patterns. From neutral shades of grey, taupes and creams, it’s easy to find the perfect style you’ve been looking for with this beautiful and varied range.