Round Kitchen Area Rugs

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  1. Moretti Black Beige Rug Wishlist Compare
    Moretti Black Beige Rug
    From: £34.19
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  2. Medallion Rug 8263 Mineral black Wishlist Compare
    Medallion Rug 8263 Mineral black
    From: £154.99
    Round Available

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    Faro Jute Circle Rug Charcoal
    From: £149.00
    Round Available

    1-5 Days

3 Items

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The kitchen is often fit with lots of hard surfaces. From floor tiles to worktops and units, it can be tricky to add warmth and a softer feel to the kitchen. A great way to do this is with a round kitchen area rug. Ideal for placing under your kitchen table, or even at the centre of your kitchen, a rug will add both softness and warmth for a kitchen that’s a joy to spend time in.
A round kitchen area rug is a fantastic and stylish alternative to a more traditional rectangle style. Perfect for adding unique charm, our collection of round kitchen area rugs offers a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures and finishes. Browse our collection now and find the perfect rug for your kitchen…