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Children Red Rugs for sale

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  1. SIGIKID Rainbow Rabbit Red Rug Add to Wishlist Compare
    SIGIKID Rainbow Rabbit Red Rug
    5 Sizes available
    From: £106.23
  2. SIGIKID Schnuggi Red Rug Add to Wishlist Compare
    SIGIKID Schnuggi Red Rug
    2 Sizes available
    From: £117.18

2 Items

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The wonderful collection of Children's red rugs from Land of Rugs includes fun packed designs suitable for boys or girls. Let's be honest - it's a time that should be filled with inspiration and fun so ask them which design they like the most. You will know as well as we do, when a child sets their mind on a kid's rug which suits them, they very rarely change their mind!

As well as nursery areas, play areas will also benefit with a Childs red rug, it will add a splash of colour and help protect soft young skin from hard floors.

If you decide to buy a deeper softer pile for your Childs bedroom then try one of our red shaggy rugs. For a chit chat with verbal advice contact us.