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  1. Liberty Beige Red
    from only £159.00
  2. Carved Rose Beige Rug
    from only £149.00
  3. Budget oc215 Beige Red
    from only £26.00
  4. Kilburn Rug Natural Multi
    Kilburn Rug Natural Multi
    Special Price £184.80 Regular Price £234.00
  5. Balham Rug Natural
    Balham Rug Natural
    Special Price £333.36 Regular Price £395.00
  6. Jasmine 33W Rug Leaf design
    Jasmine 33W Rug Leaf design
    Special Price £114.99 Regular Price £134.99
  7. Inaluxe Fabrique Rug
    from only £289.99
  8. Leaf 05 Rug
    from only £165.00
  9. Palazo 3D Rug Beige
    Special Price £67.19 Regular Price £84.95
  10. Esprit Palmia Beige Rug
    Esprit Palmia Beige Rug
    Special Price £447.31 Regular Price £554.00

38 Items

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Browse our selection of floral beige rugs with soft touch feely surfaces here at Land of Rugs. Floral rugs have the ability to bring natural looking beautiful designs indoors and so seductively softening the feel of the decor.
While predominantly beige rugs will blend in to neutral colour settings, floral designs with hints and splashes of colour will add more visual appeal - especially if they are the only real source of colour in a room.
If our beige floral area rugs are too neutral for your floor, perhaps consider our floral blue teal rugs for a cooler look or floral red rugs if you want to spice things up a little.