Extra-Large Grey & Silver Rugs

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  1. Abstract Silky Textures SLY02 Blue Cream Rug Wishlist Compare
  2. Kathy Ireland Rug KI1352 Heritage Grey Wishlist Compare
  3. Abstract Silky Textures SLY07 Ivory Beige Rug Wishlist Compare
  4. Abstract Silky Textures SLY06 Ivory Grey Rug Wishlist Compare
  5. Traditional Silky Textures SLY08 Ivory Grey Rug Wishlist Compare
  6. Abstract Silky Textures SLY03 Brown Ivory Rug Wishlist Compare
  7. Abstract Silky Textures SLY03 Blue Ivory Grey Rug Wishlist Compare
  8. Abstract Rustic Textures RUS07 Ivory Grey Rug Wishlist Compare
  9. Calvin Klein CK850 Grey Light Blue Orlando Rug Wishlist Compare
  10. Calvin Klein CK850 Grey Saffron Orlando Rug Wishlist Compare
  11. Calvin Klein CK850 Grey Beige Orlando Rug Wishlist Compare
  12. Calvin Klein CK780 Slate Jackson Rug Wishlist Compare
  13. Calvin Klein CK780 Ivory Grey Jackson Rug Wishlist Compare
  14. Calvin Klein CK780 Grey Jackson Rug Wishlist Compare
  15. Kathy Ireland Rug Yummy Shag YUM01 Silver Wishlist Compare
  16. Kathy Ireland Rug KI1353 Heritage Charcoal Wishlist Compare
  17. Kathy Ireland Rug KI1351 Heritage Grey Wishlist Compare

17 Items

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Take a look at our complete collection of extra-large grey and silver coloured rugs online at Land of Rugs. Use an extra-large grey rug as a subtle neutral over which you can build a colour scheme. You can also make a bold statement by making the rug the centrepiece of a room and pairing it with matching ornaments. Buy one of our extra-large grey rugs from our online store today. If you’re looking to fill a smaller space, take a look at our small, medium, and large rugs in this colour as well as our selection of grey and silver hall runners.