Griff Rug 8419 Columbus Gold

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Griff Columbus Gold colour rugs from the Mad Men collection by the Flemish fabrics designer Louis De Poortere blends sharp lines with graduated patches of colour in a frenetic abstract design. The seductive style instantly uplifts any interior, giving your floor a luxuriously artistic finish. The style is focal although the muted tones allow it to blend easily with your existing decor. Mad Men rugs feature an 85% cotton soft chenille yarn with 15% silky polyester for the wow factor, the intricate weave becomes more visually impressive the closer you get. 8419 Louis De Poortere Griff rugs boast a slip resistant latex backing and have a very thin pile (approximately 3mm) thanks to the flatweave technique, which unlike most thicker rugs is resistant to pile crushing so it can if desired be placed under furniture. Griff rugs in other colours include copperfield, metro black & white, jersey stone, bronx azurite and soho copper - and with 8 sizes available in each there's something to suit any floor area in the home or office.

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  • Rug Size
  • 60 x 90cm [2'x2'11"]
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  • 80 x 150cm [2'7"x4'11"]
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  • 140 x 200cm [4'7"x6'6"]
    5+ in stock
  • 170 x 240cm [5'7"x7'10"]
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  • 230 x 230cm [7'6"x7'6"]
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  • 200 x 280cm [6'7"x9'2"]
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  • 230 x 330cm [7'6"x10'8"]
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  • £599.00
  • £746.99
  • £1,012.99
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