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Teal & Blue Shaggy Rugs For Sale

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Items 1-4 of 4

Buy from our range of teal & blue shaggy rugs with luxuriously soft textures and get Free UK delivery from Land of Rugs. Darker shades of blue have a royal, elegant & secure feel while lighter tones such as sky & ocean bring calmness & serenity to a floor. The texture of a soft pile glossy or mat brings a luxury aspect to the look of the interior, combine this with a gorgeous blue shade and you’re on to a winner.

Our duck egg blue shaggy rugs remain popular because they help create a peaceful space to relax in. Most types of shaggy rugs can be easily maintained and the longer pile with silky strand styles are the most sought after.

Pile too long for you? Try a plain blue rug, a blue modern rug, cut the cost with a cheap blue rug. Alternatively, browse our full Blue Rugs collection.