Ultra Thick Silver Plush Shaggy Rugs

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Go deep with our ultra thick silver plush shaggy rugs, they have the softest most luxurious looking pile on the market - the finish is often imitated but NEVER better. The uber classy looking silver pile is made with high grade Polyester in two strands - a bulk mat fibre and a glossy thin silky filament resulting in that dreamy lush finish. Great for softening hardwood floors Plush by Asiatic will create a depth of enticing softness and glamour that's simply irritable to tired feet, creating a calm zone for the family to relax and enjoy - 'me time' for all. The premium pile is seriously packed with no backing on show and that 7cm pile is nothing less than sheer indulgence. With its ultra thick silver pile it's a little daring yes, but it's a colour that's never overpowering and simple to integrate into any décor. Rooms with strong natural light will benefit from the various silver grey hues that almost sparkle on a sunny day, bedrooms look welcoming and cosy like never before and lounge, communal or front rooms draw you into a now relaxing glamorous setting. Our plush rugs in silver simply complete the look in any home. A 15cm x 160cm sample scarf containing all the lovely colours from this collection is available to purchase and is refundable upon return.

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  • Rug Size
  • 15cm x 160cm [sample]
    Only 4 in stock
  • 70 x 140cm [2'3"x4'7"]
    Out of stock
  • 120 x 170cm [3'11"x5'7"]
    5+ in stock
  • 150cm [4'11] Circle
    Only 4 in stock
  • 140 x 200cm [4'7"x6'6"]
    Out of stock
  • 160 x 230cm [5'3"x7'6"]
    5+ in stock
  • 200 x 300cm [6'6"x9'11"]
    5+ in stock
  • £25.00
  • £175.00£134.99
  • £350.00£269.99
  • £440.00£339.99
  • £480.00£369.99
  • £625.00£479.99
  • £1,005.00£774.99
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Delivery FREE EXPRESS – Usually 1 – 5 Days
Colour grey-silver
Material Polyester
construction technique hand woven
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