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Dark and decadent, this brown shaggy rug has divinely deep polyester pile that creates rich textural shadows when ruffled. The ultimate in luxury shaggy brown rugs is the Plush Choco rug. It has a very thick pile that is over 7cm deep, and is made of a mix of both thick and thin polyester pile fibres. The combination of thick and thin fibres lends to the unique texture that creates an very inviting feel. Once you sink your toes into the deep soft pile it becomes obvious that this is a supreme and luxurious rug that has to be touched to be fully appreciated. The pile will interact with the light and the reflective sheen becomes more obvious simply by ruffling the pile a little. Hand-woven in India this ultra thick Plush Choco rug is very heavy - weighing in at nearly 7kg per m2, so for the 2x3m xl room size version its almost 42kg (make sure you have some help to move it into position). Choco not your colour? we have 15 other silky shades to choose from. A 15cm x 160cm sample scarf containing all the lovely colours from this collection is available to purchase and is refundable upon return.

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  • 15cm x 160cm [sample]
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  • 70 x 140cm [2'3"x4'7"]
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  • 120 x 170cm [3'11"x5'7"]
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  • 150cm [4'11] CIRCLE
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  • 140 x 200cm [4'7"x6'6"]
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  • 160 x 230cm [5'3"x7'6"]
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  • 200 x 300cm [6'6"x9'11"]
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Material Polyester
construction technique hand woven