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How To Choose Your Perfect Bedroom Rug

One of the most popular spaces to place a rug in the home is the bedroom.

Ideal for creating warmth and cosiness as well as adding a point of visual interest, a bedroom rug will add that all important finishing touch, not to mention additional heat and sound insulation, to help you sleep soundly.

If you’re considering introducing a rug in your bedroom, our guide to choosing the perfect bedroom rug is a great place to start…

Bedroom Rugs: Top Tips

Choosing a rug may seem quite straightforward, it often isn’t. In theory you just go to a shop and pick the one that appeals to you the most, achieving instant success. However, in reality it can be a lot more tricky than that!

You can also have a great deal of fun with your rug! Why not go bold and bright? Or you can use it as a clever way to tie an interior design together. When shopping for your perfect bedroom rug, keep these elements in mind…


What natural light occurs in your bedroom? If your bedroom is north facing then you’ll find that the natural light will tend to be very cold.

If this is the case with your bedroom, try to avoid cold colours. Otherwise you risk creating a very unwelcoming atmosphere.

A bedroom should feel warm, safe and cosy. For a north facing room, choose warm-toned shades. If your bedroom is south facing and sunny, you can experiment with a huge range of colours - almost anything will work. 


Purchasing a rug that matches the colours in  your bedroom can seem like the right choice to make. However, this idea should be carefully considered as it’s rarely that simple. If the colours match too closely then you can risk the room becoming one dimensional and lacking character, a bit like a show-home.

Remember, a strong contrast can create a positive and vibrant atmosphere and close, complementary colours will also be a safe option. Bear in mind that matching the colour of your rug to the size of your room. If your room is quite small a very dark rug will absorb more light, making the room feel even smaller and a nice, bright rug will make the space feel large and open. 

Pattern or Plain

Rugs come in all sorts of designs, from simple and chic plain rugs, to bold modern patterns and traditional styles. If your bedroom décor is fairly simple, you might want to consider adding interest with pattern on the floor. 


The dimensions of a rug depend a lot on your personal taste and budget. Generally, the bigger the rug the better but you might want a smaller rug to go in a specific space.

A large rug works well when placed under your bed. Choose a size big enough to place your bedside tables on too, or go for a runner placed at the side of your bed, offering a soft surface to sink your feet into when you get out of bed in the morning. 


Think about how much wear and tear your rug will experience, this will include foot traffic as well as potential UV damage. If your rug will be in direct sunlight and be walked on frequently then you won’t want something fragile you’ll need to replace quickly. 

Bedroom Décor Ideas…

If you are completely restyling your room, or you’re struggling to decide what type of rug to go for in your existing scheme, here are a few ideas for inspiration…

Scandi Décor

Already white bedrooms can be easily updated to incorporate a Scandi look. The Scandinavian style is all about natural materials, neutral colour schemes and creating a cosy feel.

A shaggy rug is a great option for this interior style. Introducing lots of texture, a shaggy rug keeps the look simple. Choose a neutral shade, or add a soft pop of colour.

For a super cosy look, try layering a sheepskin rug on top of a shaggy rug. 

Minimal Décor

Minimal spaces can often take something graphic and bold, creating a statement in the room and a focal point.

Minimal design is typically modern, and so a modern rug is the best choice here. Stripes, geometric patterns and even abstract style rugs would all work well to add interest to otherwise minimal décor. 

Maximal Décor

If you’re creating a bold look with lots of colour and detail, then often a more simple rug will help balance your scheme.

In a maximalist space, dark colours add to the drama, and a rug in a deep tone will help ground the room and create focus.

Try a bold black rug in your maximalist home. 

Bohemian Décor

Traditional and vintage styles work well in a bohemian scheme, adding to that deeply textured and laid-back look.

Try a Persian-style rug, or go for a Moroccan design. Both options will add pattern and texture to your space.

Moroccan rugs offer lots of options, including both simple and busier patterns, as well as neutral and more colourful styles. 

Traditional Décor

If you live in a period property, you might favour more traditional styles.

Today, both modern and traditional décor can be combined, and works really well in homes with a history. Simple white walls can let original features take centre stage, while traditional style accessories will complement the age of the property.

Try a traditional rug in your bedroom to add interest and warmth. In choosing a modern rug, instead of a vintage piece, you can benefit from design inspired by historical styles, but made from modern materials, which are more durable and practical. 

A rug in your bedroom can help add that all important finishing touch, and will make your space feel extra cosy and welcoming. Browse our collection of bedroom rugs here.

  • Posted On: 6 May 2022

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