There are plenty of reasons to introduce an area rug to your space. You can use clever styles and sizing to anchor the aesthetics of your room. It’s also very practical and can help with noise, keep a room warm and make the area more inviting. As with the rest of the elements of your interior design there are lots of options available to you when choosing your rug. We've written this quick cheat sheet on how to spot the best rug styles to help you to choose the perfect rug for your space.rug9

1. Contemporary - Perfect for if the rest of your room is full of minimalism and clean lines. If you want to make a modern style statement with your new rug, look out for sleek lines, geometric patterns and streamlined design elements.

2. Traditional – The ideal style for an older, more classically finished space. If you’re looking to add an area rug to your home then keep an eye open for a rug with a timeless pattern and palette. Softer, nature inspired designs usually have the feel of a traditional rug regardless of their age.

3. Novelty – If you want to add a real element of fun to your space you could try adding a novelty rug. These rugs break with convention in their shape, pattern, material, and size. Novelty rugs don’t have to be loud, or out of place in your design. Think about interesting colours, unusual textures and fun shapes.

4. Shag – Shagpile has gained a terrible reputation as being a bit outdated. A blast from a decade long passed. In fact, shag pile can be very luxurious and anything but a throwback! Look for the warmth and indulgence of the thicker shag pile when selecting your rug.

5.Transitional – Of course, your space doesn't have to be one or the other with modern or traditional. If your home is a combination of the two then a transitional rug could be perfect. Inspired by classic rug detailing, transitional pieces incorporate de-constructed yet traditional elements for a look that can be made more traditional, or more modern.