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Dress Your Bedroom For a Great Night's Sleep

When it comes to getting the most comforting, supportive and soothing sleep experience that you deserve - your bedroom needs to be outfitted accordingly. There’s a number of essentials that you can dress your bedroom with that can all help you drift off into your dreams.

Having trouble sleeping as an older person? You are not alone! We have partnered up with Trusted Care to ensure you have 5 Tips on Better Sleep for Older People right at your fingertips.

1) A Purifying Plant

One of the best ways to keep your sleep space feeling fresh a vibrant, is to get yourself a houseplant. Low maintenance plants such as Succulents, Ferns, or Areca palms can increase the oxygen levels in your bedroom, purifying the air, which helps create a more peaceful and serene sleep experience.

2) A Noise Machine

Noise machines can be very useful when it comes to tuning out other sounds that could cause disruption to your sleep time. They emit a steady stream of ambient sounds, such as the patter of rain or a gentle breeze. They can be quite the sound investment, and can certainly help soothe you into a restful slumber.  

3) A Better Colour Palette

It’s not just soothing sounds that can help you drift off, using the right sleep inducing colours for your bedroom is just as effective. We all love bright and vibrant colours, but sometimes these aren't the best when it comes to getting some shut-eye, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Instead, you should opt for more calming colours; such as muted blues, greens, and pastels, which will create a sense of peace.

4) A Quality Rug

Having a good quality rug in your bedroom is a great way to really define your sleep space. Not only can it create a much cosier feel, it can also provide warmth and enhance the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Crucially, a rug made with luxuriously plush fibres can act as a dampener, nullifying any unwanted noises to help you sleep soundly. For some tips on choosing the perfect rug for your bedroom, see our quick guide.

5) A Cup of Herbal Tea

Admittedly, this isn’t an item you can dress your bedroom with, but getting into the habit of having a hot cup of herbal tea in your sleep space, can work wonders for your snoozing. Herbal teas have been used by cultures for hundreds of years as a natural sleep remedy, which is why it’s a popular choice for promoting relaxation and easing stress. Sup on a caffeine free cup of herbal goodness, such as chamomile or lemon balm before bed, to really get your body ready for some well earned rest.

6) A Naturally Lit Space

Natural light is hugely important for your sleep cycle, as this is heavily influenced by the circadian rhythm of your body. This means that your body is more likely to want to wake up with the rising of the sun. Luckily natural light is not something you have to go and purchase, so turn off those artificial light sources, open your curtains or blinds, and let that invigorating light in. It will give your serotonin levels a boost too, leaving you in a better mood in the mornings.

7) A Well-Made Mattress

One of the most important parts of your sleep space is of course the thing you’re sleeping on - your mattress. This is why it’s best to really consider your choice of mattress, and choose something that’s been carefully crafted, tailored and tested to meet all of your specific needs.

Your mattress is an investment in your health, because getting quality sleep is essential for your overall well being. If your bedroom is often full of clutter you could even consider an Ottoman base bed, which can offer massive storage benefits to help you create a clearer space. Nothing beats the satisfaction of sinking into a well-made, breathable mattress. Especially one that uses natural fibres to give you the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible.

Are you based in the US? You might want to consider investing in a high quality wool mattress pad or topper. Not only will these save the expense of buying a complete new mattress, which can become incredibly expensive but you are also sure to find one that works for you, as toppers can come in different thicknesses. Sleep & Beyond have an amazing selection of mattress pads and toppers for you to choose from.

8) A Clean Space

Perhaps the most underrated points in this article, sleeping in a clean bedroom can help you sleep better. Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning your room regularly will remove any residual air particles and allergens that would linger in the room otherwise. This helps for a longer, deeper and ultimately more restful sleep. If you're looking for tips on how to deep clean a bedroom, check out this bedroom cleaning guide from The Cleaning Collective.

  • Posted On: 28 May 2019

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